Heterogamus Wesmael, 1838,

Broad, Gavin R., Shaw, Mark R. & Godfray, H. Charles J., 2016, Checklist of British and Irish Hymenoptera - Braconidae, Biodiversity Data Journal 4, pp. 8151-8151: 8151

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Heterogamus Wesmael, 1838


Heterogamus Wesmael, 1838 


Usually treated as a subgenus of Aleiodes  (as in Taxapad: Yu et al. 2012) but Zaldivar-Riverón et al. ( Zaldívar-Riverón et al. 2004, Zaldívar-Riverón et al. 2008b) have shown that, on the basis of venom apparatus characters and molecular sequence data, respectively, Heterogamus  species form a clade distinct from Aleiodes  species. Murray (1939) and Shaw (2000a) published some distribution records.