Jasmineira sp. 3

Gunton, Laetitia M., Kupriyanova, Elena K., Alvestad, Tom, Avery, Lynda, Blake, James A., Biriukova, Olga, Boeggemann, Markus, Borisova, Polina, Budaeva, Nataliya, Burghardt, Ingo, Capa, Maria, Georgieva, Magdalena N., Glasby, Christopher J., Hsueh, Pan-Wen, Hutchings, Pat, Jimi, Naoto, Kongsrud, Jon A., Langeneck, Joachim, Meissner, Karin, Murray, Anna, Nikolic, Mark, Paxton, Hannelore, Ramos, Dino, Schulze, Anja, Sobczyk, Robert, Watson, Charlotte, Wiklund, Helena, Wilson, Robin S., Zhadan, Anna & Zhang, Jinghuai, 2021, Annelids of the eastern Australian abyss collected by the 2017 RV ' Investigator' voyage, ZooKeys 1020, pp. 1-198: 1

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Jasmineira sp. 3


Jasmineira sp. 3  


One of two specimens badly damaged, thus identification difficult, tube stuck to branchial crown and body which broke during examination. Other specimen very small with all radioles broken off at abscission zone, mouth features undistinguishable, collar low dorsally with deep pockets, fused to faecal groove mid-dorsally, laterally entire, ventrally high with short mid-ventral incision (lappets small). Both specimens with Jasmineira   features: eight thoracic chaetigers, thoracic uncini acicular and long-handled, companion chaetae absent; thoracic inferior chaetae paleate (though more broadly-hooded type A - but with long mucro of Capa and Murray (2015), as shaft continues through hood to tip), bayonet chaetae present; abdomen with elongate, narrowly-hooded neurochaetae; abdominal uncini avicular with long neck and rows of small teeth over main fang.


These specimens are different to ' Jasmineira   sp. 2' from op. 115, which has paleate inferior thoracic chaetae with shorter mucro. They are somewhat similar to specimen (also damaged) found in the 2017 GAB survey, recorded as ' Jasmineira   sp.' ( MacIntosh et al. 2018: additional file 2).


2 specimens. Suppl. material 1: op. 40, 78 ( AM).