Pristiphora angulata Lindqvist, 1974,

Prous, Marko, Kramp, Katja & Liston 1, Veli VikbergAndrew, 2017, North-Western Palaearctic species of Pristiphora (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae), Journal of Hymenoptera Research 59, pp. 1-190: 82

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Pristiphora angulata Lindqvist, 1974


Pristiphora angulata Lindqvist, 1974  Figs 68-70, 132, 228

Pristiphora angulata  Lindqvist, 1974b: 21-22. Holotype ♀ (GBIF-GISHym20805) in MZH, examined. Type locality: Luopioinen, Finland.

Similar species.

Because of the rather distinct shape of valvula 3 (see the Key), it should be possible to distinguish the females relatively easily. Males are best recognised by examining penis valves (see the Key), which are most similar to P. bohemica  Macek, 2012a, a species not treated here (see Macek 2012a).

Genetic data.

Based on COI barcode sequences, P. angulata  forms its own BIN cluster (BOLD:ACB1782) (Fig. 5). Maximum distance within the BIN is 0.32%. The nearest neighbour to BOLD:ACB1782, diverging by minimum of 7.54%, is BOLD:ABV9415 ( P. parva  ). Based on nuclear data (two specimens; NaK), maximum within species divergence is 0.0% and the nearest neighbour is 0.9% different ( P. cincta  ).

Host plants.

Spiraea chamaedryfolia  L. ( Kangas 1985, Liston 2015, ex ovo rearing experiments by VV), Spiraea salicifolia  L. ( Kangas 1985).

Rearing notes.

Ovipositing experiment no. 2/1975: Finland, South Häme, Koski, H. l. (Uniform grid reference 676:339). One captured female laid eggs on 25-26.V.1975 on Spiraea chamaedryfolia  . The eggs are laid into pockets on outer surface of the calyces (green leaves at the base of flowers). Larvae eat flowers first, later also leaves. There are four or five instars, the development of larvae is rapid and on 9.VI.1975 prepupae were seen. No extra moult after feeding.

Distribution and material examined.

West Palaearctic. Specimens studied are from Finland, Germany, Norway, and Sweden.