Gorochovitettix Storozhenko & Pushkar, 2015, Storozhenko & Pushkar, 2015

Tan, Ming Kai & Artchawakom, Taksin, 2015, A new species from the genus Gorochovitettix (Tetrigidae: Metrodorinae) from Thailand, Zootaxa 3990 (3), pp. 444-450: 446

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Gorochovitettix Storozhenko & Pushkar, 2015


Genus Gorochovitettix Storozhenko & Pushkar, 2015  

Type species: Gorochovitettix kannackiensis Storozhenko & Pushkar, 2015  

Known distribution (including new species). Vietnam and Thailand.

Diagnosis. Distinctively widened frontal ridge (also known as scutellum), with antennal socket situated considerably below the lower margin of eye. Tegminal sinus of pronotal lateral lobe as deep as lower sinus. Hind wings well developed. Fore and mid femora considerably compressed laterally, armed with leaf-like carinae ( Storozhenko & Pushkar, 2015)