Conglin, Zhao, Qingyuan & Li, Shuqiang, 2014

Zhao, Qingyuan & Li, Shuqiang, 2014, A survey of linyphiid spiders from Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, China (Araneae, Linyphiidae), ZooKeys 460, pp. 1-181: 11-12

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gen. n.

Taxon classification Animalia Araneae Linyphiidae

Genus Conglin  gen. n.

Type species.

Conglin personatus  sp. n.


The generic name is derived from the Chinese Pinyin ‘cóng lín’, meaning ‘forest’, in reference to habitat of the new genus. Gender is masculine.


This genus is diagnosed by its complexly routed copulatory ducts and the extended posterior end of the epigynal fig, not found in any other Southeast Asian erigonines (Fig. 24 B–C).


Small sized Erigoninae  . Carapace unmodified. Chelicerae with 5 promarginal teeth, and 4 retromarginal teeth. Chaetotaxy: tibial spine formula: 1-1-1-1. TmI unknown, TmIV unkown. Abdomen tanned, with dark green patches on the ventral side. Male unknown.

Epigyne: ventral fig round and hunched, with an extension at the posterior end (Fig. 24A); the dorsal fig much shorter than the ventral fig, with curved posterior rim (Fig. 24C). The copulatory ducts long and twisted, and the route difficult to discern (Fig. 24C); no apparent spermathecae present.

Species composition.

Type species only: Conglin personatus  sp. n.