Pristiphora erichsonii (Hartig, 1837),

Prous, Marko, Kramp, Katja & Liston 1, Veli VikbergAndrew, 2017, North-Western Palaearctic species of Pristiphora (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae), Journal of Hymenoptera Research 59, pp. 1-190: 42-44

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Pristiphora erichsonii (Hartig, 1837)


Pristiphora erichsonii (Hartig, 1837)  Figs 35, 124, 170, 290

Nematus Leachii  [sic!] Dahlbom, 1835a: 27-28. Suppressed. Note. Suppressed for the purposes of the Law of Priority but not for those of the Law of Homonymy. (Opinion 906, ICZN 1970). Described from larvae, no type probably available. Type locality: Skåne (Sweden) and Zealand (Denmark). Synonymised with Nematus erichsonii  by Thomson (1863).

Nematus (Nematus) leachei  Dahlbom, 1835b: 10. Not available. Nomen nudum.

Nematus erichsonii  Hartig, 1837: 187-188. Holotype ♀ (GBIF-GISHym3272) in ZSM, examined. Type locality: Harz, Germany.

Nematus notabilis  Cresson, 1880: 7. Lectotype ♀ in ANSP (designated by Cresson 1916), not examined. Type locality: Massachusetts, USA. Synonymised with P. erichsonii  by Marlatt (1896).

Similar species.

Females can be distinguished from other Pristiphora  species relatively easily by the shape of the valvula 3 (Fig. 124) and the colour of the abdomen (having a red band). Likewise, it should be possible to distinguish males (which are extremely rare) from other species by the dorsal red band on the abdomen and extensively pale antenna.

Genetic data.

Based on COI barcode sequences (only one specimen in BOLD), P. erichsonii  forms its own BIN cluster (BOLD:AAG8325). The nearest neighbour to BOLD:AAG8325, diverging by a minimum of 5.04%, is BOLD:ACO1401 ( P. euxantha  ). Based on nuclear data (one specimen and NaK), the nearest neighbour is 0.7% different ( P. parva  ).

Host plants.

Larix decidua  Mill. ( Drooz 1960, Kangas 1985, Pschorn-Walcher and Altenhofer 2000), L. kaempferi  (Lamb.) Carrière ( Drooz 1960, Huflejt and Sawoniewicz 1999, Pschorn-Walcher and Altenhofer 2000), L. sibirica  Ledeb. ( Drooz 1960, Kangas 1985), L. laricina  (Du Roi) K. Koch ( Drooz 1960, Jardon et al. 1994), L. occidentalis  Nutt. ( Drooz 1960), L. principis-rupprechtii  (Mayr) Pilger ( Li et al. 2013).

Distribution and material examined.

Palaearctic, (Nearctic). Specimens studied are from Finland, Germany, and Norway.