Amathynetoides Morrone, 1994,

Morrone, Juan J., 2013, The subtribes and genera of the tribe Listroderini (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Cyclominae): Phylogenetic analysis with systematic and biogeographical accounts, ZooKeys 273, pp. 15-71: 22-23

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Amathynetoides Morrone, 1994


Amathynetoides Morrone, 1994 

Amathynetes  Kuschel, 1949: 43 (non Olliff, 1891; misidentification, in part).

Amathynetoides  Morrone, 1994c: 28.

Type species.

Amathynetes appendiculatus  Kuschel, 1949.


Small to very small (3.0-6.6 mm); vestiture consisting of seta-like scales and setae; pronotum subcircular with subparallel flanks, disc smooth, polished; metanepisternal sutures present, complete; elytral intervals flat.


Amathynetoides  is the sister genus of Nacodius  .

Species included.

Amathynetoides appendiculatus  (Kuschel, 1949); Amathynetoides ebeninus  (Hustache, 1938); Amathynetoides intemperatus  Morrone, 1994; Amathynetoides longulus  (Kuschel, 1949); Amathynetoides morbeamus  Morrone, 1994; Amathynetoides nitidiventris  (Hustache, 1938); Amathynetoides normae  Morrone, 1994; Amathynetoides palustris  (Kuschel, 1949); Amathynetoides sparsesetosus  (Hustache, 1938); Amathynetoides sundrianus  Morrone, 1994.

Host plants.

Amathynetoides nitidiventris  : Ullucus tuberosus  Caldas ( Basellaceae  ) ( López and Hermann 2004).

Geographical distribution.

South American Transition Zone (Puna and Coastal Peruvian Desert biogeographical provinces), from Peru to northern Chile ( Morrone 1994c).

Material examined.

Amathynetoides appendiculatus  (CWOB, CMNC, MHNS, MZFC, NZAC, USNM), Amathynetoides ebeninus  (BPBM, CWOB, DEI, MZFC), Amathynetoides intemperatus  (AMNH, CWOB, MLP, MZFC), Amathynetoides longulus  (CWOB, MHNS, NZAC, MZFC, USNM), Amathynetoides morbeamus  (FIML), Amathynetoides nitidiventris  (DEI), Amathynetoides normae  (CMNC, MLP, MZFC), Amathynetoides palustris  (CWOB, FIML, MHNS, MZFC, NZAC, USNM), Amathynetoides sparsesetosus  (CWOB, DEI, CMNC, MZFC), Amathynetoides sundrianus  (BMNH, CWOB, FIML, MLP, MZFC).