Remotomyia longipalpus, Londt, 1983

Londt, Jason G. H., 1983, The Genus Daspletis Loew, 1858 And The Description Of Two New Genera, Anasillomos And Remotomyia (Diptera: Asilidae: Stenopogoninae), Journal of the Entomological Society of Southern Africa 46 (2), pp. 283-308: 304-306

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Remotomyia longipalpus

spec. nov.

Remotomyia longipalpus   spec. nov. Figs 43-45 View Figs 43-45

Derivation: L. longus = long; palpus = sensory organ associated with mouthparts.

Description: Based on the unique holotype specimen.

Head: Antenna brown-orange except for microsegment which is brown; enlarged scape equipped with many white bristles and setae; pedicel shortish with only a few white setae (mainly dorsally). Face orange, silver-gold pruinose; profile not as fiat as in albosetatus   but projecting slightly in dorsal part. Mystax of white bristles and setae. Vertex orange, silver-gold pruinose; lateral margins with pale yellow bristles. Ocellarium weakly projecting, with about 14 yellowish bristles. Occiput probably orangebrown but heavily silver-gold pruinose; postorbital bristles pale yellow. Proboscis dark red-brown with reddish and orange markings; fine yellow setas ventrally.

Thorax: Pleura brown-orange, gold pruinose, fine setae white. Katatergite with ca. 10 shortish pale yellow bristles and fine setae. Antepronotum with white bristles; lateral lobes of pronotum lack bristles. Anatergite with a good group of fine yellowish setae laterally. Mesonotum orange-brown with brown longitudinal strips; gold pruinose except on strips. Postpronotal lobes with about 8 yellow bristles and tiny white setae; ca. 6-8 notopleural bristles; 4 supra-alars; 7-8 postalars, all yellow white. Dorsocentral bristles poorly developed, confined to about 5 pairs posterior of transverse suture. Scutellum with 11 marginal bristles; disc with a few isolated yellowish setae. Halters pale yellow with slightly darker proximal parts. Legs: femora and tibiae dark red-brown ventrally orange dorsally, tarsi brown-orange; bristles and setae all white. Claws black with proximal halves brownish; empodium black, slender. Wings: 11,6><4,5 mm, membrane transparent, slightly yellow-stained along veins; cell fã closed and stalked; cell m 3 narrowly open on wing margin; cup closed on wing margin.

Abdomen: Orange-brown with dark brown median and lateral markings; tg 1 with yellowish bristles laterally, all other terga with white setae only. ô genitalia as in Figs 43-45 View Figs 43-45 ; fused gonocoxites not particularly well developed, shorter than epandrial lobes.

MATERIAL EXAMINED. BOTSWANA: 1 ♂ Holotype, Serowe , 6. ix. 1 9 82, Forchhammer, plantation ( NM). NM Type No. 2657   .

Remarks: An unusual Remotomyia   in that the palpi are long and thin.