Rhampholeon maspictus Branch, Bayliss & Tolley, 2014,

Conradie, Werner, Bittencourt-Silva, Gabriela B., Engelbrecht, Hanlie M., Loader, Simon P., Menegon, Michele, Nanvonamuquitxo, Cristovao, Scott, Michael & Tolley, Krystal A., 2016, Exploration into the hidden world of Mozambique's sky island forests: new discoveries of reptiles and amphibians, Zoosystematics and Evolution 92 (2), pp. 163-180: 170

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Rhampholeon maspictus Branch, Bayliss & Tolley, 2014


Rhampholeon maspictus Branch, Bayliss & Tolley, 2014 


Mt. Mabu ( PEM R21117View Materials, male, 53.8 mm SVL; PEM R21118View Materials, male, 62.4 mm SVL; PEM R21119View Materials, juvenile male, 31.7 mm SVL; PEM R21120View Materials, juvenile female, 30.6 mm SVL; PEM R21121View Materials, juvenile female, 35.8 mm SVL; PEM R21133View Materials, juvenile female, 36.7 mm SVL; PEM R21134View Materials, juvenile male, 41.9 mm S; PEM R21135View Materials, female, 39.0 mm SVL; PEM R21136View Materials, female, 60.5 mm SVL; PEM R21136View Materials, female, 60.5 mm SVL; PEM R21137View Materials, male, 64.5 mm SVL; PEM R21138View Materials, male, 65.8 mm SVL; PEM R21139View Materials, female, 47.0 mm SVL; PEM R21140View Materials, juvenile female, 36.5 mm SVL; PEM R2141, juvenile male, 42.0 mm SVL)  .


Specimens were found in Afromontane forest above 1900 m asl. This species is restricted to Mt. Mabu.