Dorcadion suvorovi konyrolenum Danilevsky, 1996 *,

Karpinski, Lech, Szczepanski, Wojciech T., lewa, Radoslaw, Walczak, Marcin, Hilszczanski, Jacek, Kruszelnicki, Lech, Los, Krzysztof, Jaworski, Tomasz, Marek Bidas, & Tarwacki, Grzegorz, 2018, New data on the distribution, biology and ecology of the longhorn beetles from the area of South and East Kazakhstan (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae), ZooKeys 805, pp. 59-126: 92-93

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Dorcadion suvorovi konyrolenum Danilevsky, 1996 *


Dorcadion suvorovi konyrolenum Danilevsky, 1996 *  Figs 7G, H, 14A

Material examined.

Almaty Region: Karlygash [ Карлыгаш] env. (44°16'N, 78°28'E), 1398 m a.s.l., 2 VI 2017, 1♂, leg. WTS; 1♀, leg. MB, coll. LK.


The species includes five subspecies, which are mainly distributed within the area from the Kapchagay Reservoir to the Dzungarian Alatau ( Toropov and Milko 2013). Dorcadion suvorovi konyrolenum  is an endemic taxon whose known localities are limited to the environs of Konyrolen in southeastern Kazakhstan ( Danilevsky 1996c, Toropov and Milko 2013). The biology of the species is poorly understood. According to Toropov and Milko (2013), the larvae feed on the roots of various grass species. The beetles occur at altitudes between 600-1,800 m a.s.l. The adults are active from the end of April to the beginning of June.

Only a single male (Fig. 14A) and female were collected in a mountain steppe habitat. The plot (Fig. 14B) was mainly covered with medium-high grass. Such a small number of observed individuals may indicate the end of the appearance of this species.