Microtritia Märkel, 1964, Markel, 1964

Niedbała, W., 2017, Ptyctimous mites (Acari, Oribatida) of Madagascar and neighbouring islands, Acarologia 57 (1), pp. 3-205: 58

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http://doi.org/ 10.1051/acarologia/20164149



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Microtritia Märkel, 1964


Microtritia Märkel, 1964  

Cuticular surface of body finely porose or striated. Prodorsum without median crista, with one pair of lateral carinae; bothridial scales situated above the bothridia; posterior median apodeme present; lamellar and rostral setae in median (paraxial) position; interlamellar setae situated near the bothridia. Notogaster with 14 pairs of setae; setae of row ps situated almost in one line; terminal sinus or terminal fissure at posterior end present; one pair of openings of lateral opisthonotal glands (gla) and five pairs of lyrifissures: ia, im, ip, ips, ih present. Ventral region; palps three-segmented with formula: (1-2)-1-(7-8)(1); genitoaggenital and anoadanal plates completely fused; anogenital cleft present; one median interlocking triangle present. Legs: each trochanter with one seta; genua IV without solenidia; setae d on tibiae IV coupled with solenidion; solenidia ω 1 and ω 2 without coupled setae; famuli located far from solenidia; all tarsi monodactylous.

Distribution — Semicosmopolitan.