Ruspolia nitidula Scopoli, 1786,

Della Rocca, Francesca, Stefanelli, Silvia, Cardarelli, Elisa, Bogliani, Giuseppe & Bracco, Francesco, 2021, Contribution to the knowledge of the arthropods community inhabiting the winter-flooded meadows (marcite) of northern Italy, Biodiversity Data Journal 9, pp. 57889-57889: 57889

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Ruspolia nitidula Scopoli, 1786


Ruspolia nitidula Scopoli, 1786 

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Conservation status

Least Concern for European assessment ( Hochkirch et al. 2016).


Widespread species, from central-southern Europe to Palearctic Asia and Africa ( Fontana et al. 2002). In Italy, it is widespread all over the country (Sicily and Sardinia included) ( Iorio et al. 2019, Massa et al. 2012).


Meso-hygrophilous or hygrophilous species, it inhabits all kinds of open habitats with a high rate of humidity and dense vegetation. It is frequent in agricultural fields, grasslands, banks of rivers, lakes and canals and also in brackish wetlands. It also lives in urban environments ( Fontana et al. 2002, Massa et al. 2012).