Alyonushka, Grischenko & Gordon & Melnik, 2018

Grischenko, Andrei V., Gordon, Dennis P. & Melnik, Viacheslav P., 2018, Bryozoa (Cyclostomata and Ctenostomata) from polymetallic nodules in the Russian exploration area, Clarion - Clipperton Fracture Zone, eastern Pacific Ocean-taxon novelty and implications of mining, Zootaxa 4484 (1), pp. 1-91: 36

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n. gen.

Alyonushka   n. gen.

Type species. Alyonushka filia   n. sp.

Etymology. Named for Alyona A. Salnikova, the elder daughter of the first author. Gender feminine.

Diagnosis. With characters of the family, but entire outer colony surface minutely prickled. Gonozooid(s) in calyciform center, large, with continuous non-foraminate floor. Ooeciostome(s) very short, ooeciopore tending to resemble alveolar opening.

Remarks. Three species pertaining to this new genus are recognized in the samples, all sharing an excessively and minutely prickled outer colony surface and, to the extent determinable, having one or more large gonozooids with a continuous, non-foraminate floor. Ooeciostomes are very weakly developed. Alyonushka   n. gen. is thus distinguished from Calyssopora   n. gen., which lacks a prickly surface and a continuous incubation-chamber floor, but has more-discrete ooeciostomes and ooeciopores.