Phloeonomus laesicollis ( Maeklin , 1852)

Webster, Reginald P., Sweeney, Jon D. & DeMerchant, Ian, 2012, New Staphylinidae (Coleoptera) records with new collection data from New Brunswick, Canada: Omaliinae, Micropeplinae, Phloeocharinae, Olisthaerinae, and Habrocerinae, ZooKeys 186, pp. 7-29 : 9

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Phloeonomus laesicollis ( Maeklin , 1852)


Phloeonomus laesicollis ( Maeklin, 1852) Map 2

Material examined.

New Brunswick, Carleton Co., Jackson Falls, Bell Forest, 46.2200°N, 67.7231°W, 4-12.VI.2008, R. P. Webster, mature hardwood forest, Lindgren funnel traps (2, RWC). Restigouche Co., Jacquet River Gorge P.N.A., 47.7879°N, 66.0013°W, 13.VI.2009, R. P. Webster, mixed forest, under birch bark (with fermented sap) (1, RWC); Dionne Brook P.N.A., 47.9064°N, 68.3441°W, 31. V– 15.VI.2011, 28. VII– 9.VIII.2011, M. Roy & V. Webster, old-growth white spruce and balsam fir forest, Lindgren funnel traps (2, AFC, NBM). York Co., Charters Settlement, 45.8395°N, 66.7391°W, 30.V.2007, 5.VI.2007, R. P. Webster, mixed forest, under tight bark on dead standing balsam fir (3, RWC); McAdam, Georgia Pacific Plywood Mill, 19.V.1978, (no collector given) from pile of plywood disks (1, AFC); 15 km W of Tracy off Rt. 645, 45.6848°N, 66.8821°W, 8-15.VI.2009, 14-20.VII.2009, 20-29.VII.2009, 29. VII– 4.VIII.2009, 4-11.VIII.2009, R. Webster & M.-A. Giguère, old red pine forest, Lindgren funnel traps (6, AFC, RWC); 14 km WSW of Tracy, S of Rt. 645, 45.6741°N, 66.8661°W, 10-26.V.2010, R. Webster & C. MacKay, old mixed forest with red and white spruce, red and white pine, balsam fir, eastern white cedar, red maple, and Populus sp., Lindgren funnel trap (1, AFC).

Collection and habitat data.

This species lives under bark of logs and trees ( Deyrup and Gara 1979; Newton et al. 2000). In New Brunswick, adults were collected from under tight-fitting bark of a standing dead birch ( Betula sp.) and a standing dead balsam fir ( Abies balsamea (L.) Mill.), and from a pile of plywood disks. Adults were captured in Lindgren funnel traps at several sites. Adults were collected during May, June, July, and August.

Distribution in Canada and Alaska.

AK, BC, AB, ON, QC, NB, NS, NF ( Campbell and Davies 1991, as pusillus (Gravenhorst)).