Euura plicadaphnoides ( KOPELKE, 2007 ), Liston, 2015

Liston, Andrew D., 2015, New records and host plants of Symphyta (Hymenoptera) for Germany, Berlin and Brandenburg, Beiträge Zur Entomologie = Contributions to Entomology 65 (2), pp. 383-391: 386

publication ID 10.21248/contrib.entomol.65.2.383-391

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Euura plicadaphnoides ( KOPELKE, 2007 )

comb. nov.

* Euura plicadaphnoides ( KOPELKE, 2007)   comb. nov. [= Phyllocolpa plicadaphnoides KOPELKE, 2007   ]

Brandenburg: 5 ♀, 2 ♂, Landkreis Märkisch-Oderland, Müncheberg, ZALF Gelände, 52.515°N 14.115°E, 20– 26.04.2009; 1 ♀, 30.04.2010. All specimens swept from Salix daphnoides   . Numerous larvae and leaf-folds (Figs 5–6) on S. daphnoides, Müncheberg, Seelower Str.   , 52.50150°N 14.15320°E, June 2013.

First records from Germany.

This species was described from the Alpine regions of Austria and Switzerland ( KOPELKE 2007), and is monophagous on Salix daphnoides   , which in Germany is native only to the Alps and the associated river systems. However, it has been widely planted outside its natural range because of its attractive appearance and utility as a food source for honeybees. BENEŠ (2015) recorded E. plicadaphnoides   from the Czech Republic. In contrast to Euura acutifoliae (ZINOVJEV, 1985)   , another gallmaking sawfly on S. daphnoides   , that is widespread throughout Germany, galls of E. plicadaphnoides   have in Germany so far only been found in Müncheberg.

* Euura salicispurpureae KOPELKE, 2014  

[= Euura purpureae KOPELKE, 1996   : secondary homonym]

Brandenburg: 2♀, Landkreis Märkisch-Oderland, Müncheberg , ZALF Gelände, 52.515°N 14.115°E, 30.04.2010. Swept from Salix purpurea   GoogleMaps   .