Myriola Shestakov, 1932,

Ranjith, A. P., Achterberg, C. Van, Samartsev, K. G. & Nasser, M., 2021, Discovery of the chelonine tribeAdeliini Viereck, 1918 (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) from the Indian subcontinent with the description of a new genus from south India, Zootaxa 4926 (1), pp. 1-25: 11

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Myriola Shestakov, 1932


Myriola Shestakov, 1932  re-instated

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Type species: Myriola gussakovskii Shestakov, 1932  .

Diagnosis. Antenna of female slender submedially, with 20 antennomeres; eyes often glabrous or short setose ( Figs 9CView FIGURE 9, 11C & KView FIGURE 11); maxillary palp with 5 segments; clypeus almost as wide as face ( Figs 7BView FIGURE 7, 9BView FIGURE 9, 11C & KView FIGURE 11); prepectal carina absent ( Figs 7FView FIGURE 7, 10A & BView FIGURE 10, 11IView FIGURE 11); medial areola of dorsal face of propodeum narrow ( Figs 8BView FIGURE 8, 10C & DView FIGURE 10, 11DView FIGURE 11); vein 1-R1 of fore wing completely absent ( Figs 7AView FIGURE 7, 9AView FIGURE 9, 10EView FIGURE 10, 11AView FIGURE 11); vein 1-SR of fore wing distinct and slender; second metasomal tergite usually smooth ( Figs 8BView FIGURE 8, 10DView FIGURE 10, 11DView FIGURE 11); metasomal sutures absent or shallowly impressed and smooth ( Figs 8BView FIGURE 8, 10DView FIGURE 10, 11DView FIGURE 11).

Distribution. East Palaearctic.

Included species. Myriola aridus Tobias, 1967  , M. ferulae Tobias, 1964  , M. gussakovskii Shestakov, 1932  , M. magna Tobias, 1967  .

Notes. Myriola Shestakov, 1932  , is traditionally included in Adelius Haliday, 1833  ( Yu et al. 2016), but there are several differences between both taxa as listed above in the key to genera. Therefore, we re-instate Myriola  as a valid genus.