Sculptomyriola Belokobylskij, 1988,

Ranjith, A. P., Achterberg, C. Van, Samartsev, K. G. & Nasser, M., 2021, Discovery of the chelonine tribeAdeliini Viereck, 1918 (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) from the Indian subcontinent with the description of a new genus from south India, Zootaxa 4926 (1), pp. 1-25: 19

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Sculptomyriola Belokobylskij, 1988


Sculptomyriola Belokobylskij, 1988 

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Type species: Sculptomyriola extremiorientalis Belokobylskij, 1988  .

Diagnosis. Antenna of female more or less widened submedially, seventh antennomere not protruding ventrally and with 20 antennomeres; eyes short setose ( Fig. 15CView FIGURE 15); clypeus distinctly narrower than face ( Fig. 15CView FIGURE 15); maxillary palp with 5 segments ( Fig. 16DView FIGURE 16); prepectal carina absent ( Fig. 16DView FIGURE 16); vein 1-R1 of fore wing at least shortly developed ( Fig. 16CView FIGURE 16); vein 1-SR of fore wing absent or present and wide ( Fig. 16CView FIGURE 16); medial areola of dorsal face of propodeum wide ( Fig. 16BView FIGURE 16); first and second metasomal tergites longitudinally rugose ( Fig. 16BView FIGURE 16); metasomal sutures absent or shallowly impressed and smooth ( Fig. 16BView FIGURE 16).

Distribution. East Palaearctic, Nearctic, Neotropical.

Included species. Sculptomyriola extremiorientalis Belokobylskij, 1988  , S. ghilarovi Belokobylskij, 1988  , S. neotropicalis ( Shimbori & Shaw, 2019)  comb. nov., S. nigra (Whitfield, 1988)  comb. nov., S. rubra (Whitfield, 1988)  comb. nov., S. sinevi Belokobylskij, 1998  .

Notes. The New World species of Paradelius de Saeger  are transferred to Sculptomyriola Belokobylskij  because of having no prepectal carina ( Shimbori et al. 2019), vein r of fore wing emitted far behind middle of pterostigma, posteriorly precoxal sulcus comparatively close to pleural sulcus, maxillary palp with 5 segments (as in P. ussuriensis  ), and vein m-cu of fore wing postfurcal (interstitial in Paradelius  , but intermediate in P. ussuriensis  ).