Premicrodispus rackae Khaustov, 2006,

Rahiminejad, Vahid & Hajiqanbar, Hamidreza, 2020, New records of mites of the Heterostigmata (Acari: Prostigmata) associated with insects from Golestan Province, northern Iran, Persian Journal of Acarology 9 (3), pp. 233-242: 235

publication ID 10.22073/pja.v9i3.61223

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Premicrodispus rackae Khaustov, 2006


Premicrodispus rackae Khaustov, 2006 

World distribution – Crimea, in nest of an undetermined small mammal ( Khaustov 2006); Iran, Golestan province, in bottom of a vial containing ethanol and two beetles Oryctes nasicornis  L. ( Coleoptera  : Scarabaeidae  ) ( Badoodam et al. 2015).

Material examined – Several colonies of this species were extracted from vials containing beetles of the Geotrupes spiniger  (Col.: Geotrupidae  ) during over-night samplings by a light trap in Alang- Dareh forest, Gorgan, AliAbad forest 36.88 N, 54.89 E, and altitude 155 m a.s.l., during Spring and Summer 2013.

Remarks. The G. spiniger  is a new host record for this mite.