Œnanthe pyrrhonota, Vieillot

Jansen, Justin J. F. J., 2017, Rene Mauge's ornithological collections from Kupang Bay, West-Timor, Indonesia, August-November 1801, with special regard to type-specimens, Zoosystematics and Evolution 93 (2), pp. 467-492: 477

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Œnanthe pyrrhonota


Oenanthe pyrrhonota Vieillot  

Oenanthe pyrrhonota   Vieillot, 1818, Nouv. Dict. Nat. éd. 21: 428 (Nouvelle Hollande).

Saxicola caprata pyrrhonota   (Vieillot, 1818). See Pucheran 1855: 347 and Deignan and Ripley 1964: 113. - Now.

Type materials.

‘type’ (lost). Specimen MNHN A.C. 9128 is documented in: ZMO-GalOis 3: 9128 / Pratincola caprata   , Gm / Timor? / Voy. aux Terre Austral. an 11. S. 1977 no 1. Catalogue des Merles: 784 / 9128 Pratincola caprata   / Timor / Exp. Baudin / an 11. S / 1977 no 1. Exit from the MNHN collection in 1977 (no 1) part of 387 specimens that were destroyed.


A single bird was selected and described by Vieillot; a female. However, this bird is no longer present. Unknown if the bird, that ended up in NMS, was this specific female (Dufresne Ms 1818, 74: Oenanthe caprata   , Gm., Le traquet del Isle de Luzon, Buff. 235.1., Terres Australes), however, the annotation in Dufresne 1818 ' destroyed in 1892 ' confirms that the specimen is no longer present. Only a male collected at the Baudin expedition still resides in the MNHN ( MNHN A.C. 9127). The male was the only specimen in the collection until another arrived with La Favorite in 1844 ( MNHN Laboratory, ZMO-GalOis 3). Vieillot named this species Oenanthe pyrrhonota   or ‘flame-coloured/red’ ( Jobling 2017). A solution for this special case, should be found in the future (e.g. type-specimen and type-locality).