Trigonopterus porg Narakusumo & Riedel,

Narakusumo, Raden Pramesa, Balke, Michael & Riedel, Alexander, 2019, Seven new species of Trigonopterus Fauvel (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) from the Tanimbar Archipelago, ZooKeys 888, pp. 75-93: 75

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Trigonopterus porg Narakusumo & Riedel

sp. nov.

Trigonopterus porg Narakusumo & Riedel  sp. nov.

Diagnostic description.

Holotype. Male ( Fig. 4aView Figure 4). Length 2.98 mm. Color of antennae, legs and elytra ferruginous, remainder black. Body elongate; in dorsal aspect and in profile with moderate constriction between pronotum and elytron. Rostrum in basal 2/3 with median carina, dorsal surface clothed with white scales; in apical 1/3 subglabrous, punctate-rugose, with suberect setae. Pronotum densely punctate, with large punctures, with subglabrous midline; anterolaterally with white scales. Elytra subglabrous with irregular small punctures; few striae faintly marked by hairlines. Femora with distinct anteroventral ridge, ending near middle with small tooth. Meso- and metafemur dorsally with silvery scales. Metafemur subapically with stridulatory patch. Abdominal ventrites 1-2 concave, subglabrous, posteriorly sparsely punctate, with sparse scales; ventrite 5 weakly concave with sparse setae. Penis ( Fig. 4bView Figure 4) with sides subparallel, in apical 1/3 converging to subangulate apex; transfer apparatus denticulate; apodemes 1.6 × as long as body of penis; ductus ejaculatorius with distinct bulbus. Intraspecific variation. Length 2.75-2.98 mm. Female rostrum with subglabrous median costa, laterally punctate-rugose, with short setae. Female pronotum anterolaterally with scales transparent-yellowish. Female abdominal ventrites 1-2 concave, subglabrous with short setae. Female ventrite 5 flat.

Material examined.

Holotype (MZB): MZB0043 (GenBank # MN322591), Indonesia, Maluku, Tanimbar, Larat Is, Nature reserve, 07°08.747'S, 131°49.092'E, 85 m, beaten, 25-26-IV-2018. Paratypes (MZB, SMNK): Indonesia, Maluku, Tanimbar: 4 exx, MZB0016 (GenBank # MN322590), MZB0044 (GenBank # MN322589) same data as holotype.


Maluku Prov., Tanimbar (Larat Is). Elevation ca. 85 m.


On foliage in lowland forest.


This epithet is a noun in apposition based on the fictional penguin-like character Porg in the Star Wars movies. This species inhabiting a remote island has the same color combination of black, orange and white.


This species is closely related to the undescribed species 437 from Kai Kecil Island from which it differs by the elytral color and a 13.6% p-distance of its cox1 sequence.