Rhyncaphytoptus taihangensis, Xue, Xiao-Feng & Hong, Xiao-Yue, 2005

Xue, Xiao-Feng & Hong, Xiao-Yue, 2005, Five new species of Diptilomiopidae from China (Acari: Eriophyoidea), Zootaxa 1055, pp. 49-59: 51-53

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.170076

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Rhyncaphytoptus taihangensis

sp. nov.

Rhyncaphytoptus taihangensis  sp. nov.

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Female: (n = 16) Body fusiform, 250 long, 88 wide, 85 thick; light yellow in color.

Gnathosoma 50, projecting downwards. Prodorsal shield 25 long, 62 wide; prodorsal shield without frontal lobe; median, admedian and submedian lines present, median and admedian lines connected by transverse line at center. Dorsal tubercles near rear margin, 17 apart, scapular setae (sc) 16 projecting forwards. Sternal line present. Coxal area with granules; anterolateral setae on coxisternum I (1 b) 6, proximal setae on coxisternum I (1 a) 25, proximal setae on coxisternum II (2 a) 42. Legs I 40 long, femur 15, basiventral femoral setae (bv) 7; genu 5 long, antaxial genual setae (l'') 25 long; tibia 6, paraxial tibial setae (l') 5, setae located at center; tarsus 10 long; tarsal empodium simple, 5 ­rayed, tarsal solenidion knobbed. Legs II 33 long, femur 10, basiventral femoral setae (bv) 10; genu 5 long, antaxial genual setae (l'') 6 long; tibia 5; tarsus 10 long; tarsal empodium simple, 5 ­ rayed, tarsal solenidion knobbed. Opisthosoma dorsally with about 51 annuli, ventrally with about 67 microtuberculate annuli. Dorsal annuli with spiny microtubercles on rear annular margins. Setae c 2 9 on ventral annulus 20; setae d 30 on ventral annulus 32; setae e 45 on ventral annulus 58; setae f 33 on 8 th ventral annulus from rear. Setae h 1 absent. Female genitalia 15 long, 25 wide, coverflap smooth, proximal setae on coxisternum III (3 a) 10 long.

Male: Unknown.

Types: Holotype, female, China: Hebei Province, Taihang mountain. August 22, 2003, from Morus alba  L. ( Moraceae  ), coll. Xue Xiao­Feng. Paratypes, 15 females, with the same data as holotype.

Relation to host: Vagrant on leaf surface.

Etymology: The species is named after the name of collected location, Taihang mountain.

Remarks: This species is similar to Rhyncaphytoptus mori Liu & Kuang, 1998  , but can be differentiated by the shield design with median and admedian lines connected by transverse line, empodium 5 ­rayed, dorsal annuli with spiny microtubercles and coxal area with granules.