Hyperoides Marshall, 1914,

Morrone, Juan J., 2013, The subtribes and genera of the tribe Listroderini (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Cyclominae): Phylogenetic analysis with systematic and biogeographical accounts, ZooKeys 273, pp. 15-71: 46

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Hyperoides Marshall, 1914


Hyperoides Marshall, 1914 

Hyperoides  Marshall, 1914: 236.

Type species.

Hyperoides fragariae  Marshall, 1914 (by indication, monotypy).


Small to medium-sized (5.1-7.5 mm); vestiture of lanceolate scales and setae; postocular lobes present; elytra lacking anteapical tubercle.


Hyperoides  is the sister genus to Acrostomus  , contrasting with its more isolated position in a previous analysis (Morrone, 1997a).

Species included.

Hyperoides balfourbrownei  (Kuschel, 1952); Hyperoides fragariae  Marshall, 1914; Hyperoides murinus  (Germain, 1896); Hyperoides subcinctus  (Boheman, 1842); Hyperoides victus  (Germain, 1896).

Host plants.

Hyperoides fragariae  : Fragaria vesca L  . ( Rosaceae  ); Hyperoides subcinctus  : Senecio  sp. ( Asteraceae  ); Hyperoides murinus  : Citrulus vulgaris  Schrad. ( Cucurbitaceae  ), Phaseolus  sp. ( Fabaceae  ) and Solanum tuberosum  L. ( Solanaceae  ); Hyperoides victus  : Senecio bahioides  Hook. et Arn. ( Asteraceae  ) ( Morrone 1993b; Lanteri et al. 2002).

Geographical distribution.

Neotropical region and Andean region (Central Chilean subregion), in Argentina  , Chile and Uruguay, and introduced into South Africa ( Morrone 1993b).

Material examined.

Hyperoides balfourbrownei  (MLP, MZFC), Hyperoides fragariae  (BMNH, CBPC, MNHN), Hyperoides murinus  (BMNH, CWOB, MHNS, MZFC), Hyperoides subcinctus  (AMNH, BMNH, CBPC, CMNC, CWOB, IADIZA, MACN, MHNS, MNHN, MZFC) and Hyperoides victus  (BMNH, CMNC, CWOB, MHNS).