Archaeoteleia pygmea

Early, J. W., Masner, L. & Johnson, N. F., 2007, Revision of Archaeoteleia Masner (Hymenoptera: Platygastroidea, Scelionidae)., Zootaxa 1655, pp. 1-48: 38-40

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Archaeoteleia pygmea


Archaeoteleia pygmea   HNS   Masner

Figures 58-63

Archaeoteleia pygmea   HNS   Masner 1968: 660. Original description. Sarazin 1986: 978 (type information).

The original description was based solely on males. It may be supplemented by data from the females:

Female. Length 2.2-3.1 mm. Color: castaneous brown, never with submetallic tinge; antenna abruptly bicolored, A1-A5 bright yellow, A6-A12 nearly black; legs, including coxae, entirely yellow; dorsal part of pronotum, including epomial corners, yellow; lower portion of pronotum, mesopleuron, metapleuron, S1-S2 dark brown to nearly black.

Head (Figs. 58, 59, 62): vertex, occiput, upper frons rugose punctate, punctures bearing short, appressed setae; sculpture along inner orbits with longitudinal rugulosity, central part of frons punctate; upper gena almost smooth, shining; LOL greater than OOL; occipital carina fine, complete, not distinctly crenulate; frons with strong median keel running slightly over half distance from interantennal process to median ocellus; striae of cheeks and face strong, reaching inner orbits; clypeus strongly transversely striate, anterolateral corners strongly projecting, with long erect setae; toruli contiguous with upper margin of clypeus; A1 5.3 times as long as wide; A2 2.7 times as long as wide; A3 1.1 times as long as A2; claval formula A6-A12/2-2-2-2-2-2-1.

Mesosoma (Figs. 58, 59): transverse pronotal carina extremely sharp, bladelike, produced medially into broad point, with anterolateral corners sharply produced, pointed; vertical epomial carina absent; horizontal epomial carina close to mesoscutum, and shoulders narrow, maximum width about 0.5 tegula width; lateral pronotum predominantly smooth, highly shining, largely glabrous, area above fore coxa with irregular, large, transverse rugulae; netrion vaguely indicated; mesoscutum highly convex, with dense, fine pilosity, interspersed with few, long erect setae, densely punctured, interstices smooth, without microsculpture; admedian lines absent; notaulus absent; parapsidal line absent; transscutal articulation well indicated, crenulate laterally; length of scutellum 0.8-0.9 times length of mesoscutum; scutellar spines curved posteriorly; mesopleural carina running almost in middle of mesopleuron, smooth and shining above; mesopleuron almost entirely glabrous, smooth, shining, without microsculpture, with row of deep foveolae along posterior margin; mesepisternum below mesopleural carina almost glabrous, smooth and shining; acetabular carina present, crenulate; metapleuron densely hairy, with rough rugulosity and deep punctures, without glabrous area; propodeum with shallow excavation medially, punctured, with distinctly finer sculpture than lateral propodeum; submedial carinae present, not projecting, not sharp, abbreviated posteriorly; tegula absent; wings entirely absent; legs relatively short, robust; pretarsal claws very strongly developed.

Metasoma (Figs. 58, 59) short, broadened medially, length 2.1 times greatest width, without bristles amid shorter, semidecumbent pilosity; length of T1 0.5 times width, T1 hump low, distinctly below level of mesoscutum, not higher than propodeum, laterally with longitudinal rugulae, apex of horn smooth, behind horn with confused rugulae; length of T2 0.6 times width, longitudinally rugulose, without interspersed deep punctures; length of T3 0.4 times width; length of T4 0.4 times width; length of T5 0.3-0.4 times width; length of T6 0.8-1.1 times width, densely setose.

Male. The original description may be supplemented as follows: antennal toruli broadly separated from top of clypeus (Fig. 63); "epistomal suture" dorsoventral, running down to clypeal triangle, in form of distinct raised keel; scutellar spine as long as length of disk of scutellum, curved inward toward midline of body, slender, long, subparallel (Figs. 60, 61); no keels on propodeum; fore wing with faint pigmented cloud beneath marginal and stigmal veins (Figs. 60, 61).

Diagnosis. The macropterous male is distinguished from all other species of Archaeoteleia   HNS   by the position of the toruli. These are distinctly separated from the dorsal margin of the clypeus (Fig. 63). The brachypterous female is most similar to A. submetallica   HNS   , from which it may be separated by the shorter metasoma and the absence of a metallic hue to the body.

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Material examined. Holotype male: CHILE: Los Lagos, Chiloe, Isl. Aulen , 6.II.1952, L. Pena. Deposited in CNCI.  

Paratype: CHILE: Bio-Bio: Contulmo , Arauco, 2.II.1953, L.E. Pena, male, OSUC 146582 ( CNCI).  

Other material: CHILE: Araucania, Contulmo National Monument, 240m, mixed humid forest w/ Chusquea , 10km W Puren , Malleco Prov., 12.XII.1982, A. Newton, M. Thayer, female, OSUC 146583 ( CNCI)   ; E of Guarderia Pinchinahuel , 37°48.20'S 73°01.41'W, 1290m, P.N. Nahuelbuta , Prov. de Malleco, 5- 24.XII.2002, A. Newton, M. Thayer, female, OSUC 146604 ( CNCI) GoogleMaps   ; Flor del Lago, 15 km NE Villarrica , Cautin Prov., 14.XII.1984 - 10.II.1985, J. Peck, S. Peck, male, OSUC 203784 ( CNCI)   ; Flor del Lago, 300m, Nothofagus forest, 15 km NE Villarrica , Cautin Prov., 14.XII.1984 - 10.II.1985, J. Peck, S. Peck, male, OSUC 146589 ( CNCI)   ; Lago Caburgua, 600 m, mixed forest remnant, 21 km NE Pucon , Cautin Prov. (old), 15.XII.1984 - 10.II.1985, J. Peck, S. Peck, 19 males, 1 female, OSUC 146585, 203763-203771, 203773- 203778, 203780-203783 ( CNCI)   ; Monte Verde, Carahue , Prov. de Cautin, 29.I- 2.II.1993, L. E. Pena, 3 males, OSUC 146597, 203819, 203820 ( CNCI)   ; Monumento Natural Contulmo, 350m, Puren , Malleco Prov., 11.XII.1984 - 13.II.1985, J. Peck, S. Peck, 22 males, 1 female, OSUC 146586, 203785, 203795-203815 ( CNCI)   ; Nahuelbuta National Park , 37°49.29'S 73°01.90'W, 1360 m, Nothofagus dombeyi & pumilo   / large Araucaria   , bamboo + shrub understory, road to Piedra del Aguila , Malleco Prov., 6- 24.XII.2002, M. Thayer et al., female, OSUC 146603 ( CNCI) GoogleMaps   ; Sendero Lemu Mau , 38°00.74'S 73°11.13'W, 410 m, Mon. Nat. de Contulmo , Prov. de Malleco, 8- 24.XII.2002, A. Newton et al., female, OSUC 146600 ( CNCI) GoogleMaps   . Bio-Bio, Laraquete, S of Conception , 10- 25.I.1993, P. Salinas, 5 males, OSUC 203821-203825 ( CNCI)   ; Pata de Gallina, E of Contulmo , Arauco Prov., 10- 25.I.1993, II.1989, P. Salinas, 25 males, OSUC 146588, 163621, 203878-203900 ( CNCI)   . Conception, Hualpen , Prov. Conception, 5.III.1977, T. Cekalovic, female, OSUC 146587 ( CNCI)   ; Conception, Las Escaleras , 24.IX.1989, T. Cekalovic, female, OSUC 174513 ( UCDC)   . Los Lagos, 11 km W Quemchi , 42°10.40'S 73°35.73'W, 140 m , 2002-066, Valdivian forest remnant with thick bamboo understory, Chiloe Prov., 10- 21.XII.2002, Clarke, Newton, Thayer, female, OSUC 146601 ( CNCI) GoogleMaps   ; 3 km S Muicolpue, 200 m, mixed forest litter, Mansa Bay , Osorno Prov., 3.II.1985, J. Peck, S. Peck, male, OSUC 146592 ( CNCI)   ; 8 km S Ancud, forest remnant litter, Chiloe Isl., 1.II.1985, J. Peck, S. Peck, female, OSUC 146584 ( CNCI)   ; Ahoni, 70m, primary forest , Isla Chiloe, 21- 23.II.1988, 22.II.1988, 23.II.1988, II.1988, IV.1988, V.1988, VIII-X.1988, L. Masner, 22 males, OSUC 146591, 203786, 203787, 203859-203877 ( CNCI)   ; Ahoni, forest , Chiloe Isl., 22.II.1988, L. Masner, 3 males, OSUC 203856-203858 ( CNCI)   ; Ahoni , Isla Chiloe, 3- 15.II.1995, V.1988, A. Ugarte, 31 males, OSUC 203788, 203789, 203826- 203854 ( CNCI)   ; Ahoni , Isla Chiloe, III.1988, L.E. Pena, male, OSUC 203855 ( CNCI)   ; Anticura , 40°39'53"S 72°10'02"W, 447 m , UCR AToL C05-022, Nothofagus / Chusqueia forest, Puyehue N.P., Repucura Path , 17.II.2005, 4 males, OSUC 174442, 203791, 203910, 203911 ( CNCI) GoogleMaps   ; Coinco , Isla Chiloe, 8.II.1994, T. Cekalovic, female, OSUC 146602 ( CNCI)   ; Correntoso, nr. Puerto Montt , X-XI.1989, L.E. Pena, female, OSUC 163620 ( CNCI)   ; El Chingue, Lago Chapo , Prov. de Llanquihue, IV-V.1990, L.E. Pena, 3 males, OSUC 146596, 163136, 203907 ( CNCI)   ; Isla Quinchao, Hullar Bajo , 16.II.1996, T. Cekalovic, female, OSUC 174512 ( UCDC)   ; Las Trancas, 500 m, Nothofagus , 30 km W La Union , Valdivia Prov., 7- 11.II.1988, 11- 24.II.1988, L. Masner, 3 males, OSUC 146593, 203792, 203909 ( CNCI)   ; Mirador , 40°10'12"S 73°30'00"W, 1004 m , UCR AToL C05-027, recovering Fitzroyia forest, Alerce Costero N.M. , 19- 20.II.2005, male, OSUC 203914 ( CNCI) GoogleMaps   ; N of Correntoso, El Chingue , Prov. de Llanquihue, IV-V.1989, VI-VIII.1989, L. E. Pena, 9 males, OSUC 146595, 203790, 203901-203906 ( CNCI), OSUC 55602 ( OSUC)   ; nr. Lake Chapo, 200 m, Nothofagus forest , Llanquihue Prov., 16- 19.II.1988, L. Masner, 2 males, OSUC 146594, 203908 ( CNCI)   ; Piopio , Isla Chiloe, Chile, 3- 15.II.1995, A. Ugarte, 2 males, OSUC 146599, 203817 ( CNCI)   ; Puyehue National Park, 250 m, Nothofagus forest, nr. Anticura , Osorno Prov., 12- 14.II.1988, 14.II.1988, L. Masner, 3 males, 1 female, OSUC 146590, 203793, 203794, 203816 ( CNCI)   ; Terao , 42°43'01"S 73°38'47"W, 45m , UCR AToL C05-013, 10km S Chonchi , Chiloe Isl., 12- 13.II.2005, 2 males, OSUC 174441, 203913 ( CNCI) GoogleMaps   ; Rio Cruces, S of Conception , XII.1994, P. Salinas, 2 males, OSUC 146598, 203818 ( CNCI).  


Canada, Ontario, Ottawa, Canadian National Collection of Insects


USA, California, Davis, University of California, R.M. Bohart Museum of Entomology


USA, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio State University