Listroderes Schoenherr , 1826,

Morrone, Juan J., 2013, The subtribes and genera of the tribe Listroderini (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Cyclominae): Phylogenetic analysis with systematic and biogeographical accounts, ZooKeys 273, pp. 15-71: 47-48

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Listroderes Schoenherr , 1826


Listroderes Schoenherr, 1826  Fig. 34

Listroderes  Schönherr, 1823: col. 1142 (nom. nud.).

Listroderes  Schönherr, 1826: 158.

Listroderus  Erichson, 1847: 129 (lapsus).

Listoderes  Kuschel, 1990: 71 (lapsus).

Type species.

Listroderes costirostris  Schönherr, 1826 (by original designation, combined description).


Small to medium-sized (3.9-12.5 mm); vestiture of subcircular scales and setae; scrobal ventral tooth usually present.


Listroderes  is closely related to Antarctobius, Germainiellus and  the clade Methypora-Rupanius-Acrorius-Trachodema-Lamiarhinus-Philippius. The distinction between Antarctobius  , Germainiellus  and Listroderes  is not without doubt (see Morrone and Marvaldi 1998), and future analyses may determine if they are merged into a single genus.

Species included.

Listroderes affinis  Hustache, 1926; Listroderes angusticeps  Blanchard, 1851; Listroderes annulipes  Blanchard, 1851; Listroderes apicalis  Waterhouse, 1841; Listroderes bimaculatus  Boheman, 1842; Listroderes brevirostris  Germain, 1895; Listroderes brevisetis  Hustache, 1926; Listroderes bruchi  Hustache, 1926; Listroderes charybdis  Morrone, 1993; Listroderes cinerarius  Blanchard, 1851; Listroderes confusus  Hustache, 1926; Listroderes costirostris  Schönherr, 1826; Listroderes curvipes  Germain, 1895; Listroderes delaiguei  Germain, 1895; Listroderes desertorum  Germain, 1895; Listroderes difficilis  Germain, 1895; Listroderes elegans  Hustache, 1926; Listroderes erinaceus  Germain, 1895; Listroderes fallax  Germain, 1895; Listroderes foveatus  (Lea, 1928); Listroderes hoffmanni  Germain, 1895; Listroderes howdenae  Morrone, 1993; Listroderes leviculus  Kuschel, 1952; Listroderes montanus  Germain, 1895; Listroderes nodifer  Boheman, 1842; Listroderes obliquus  Klug, 1829; Listroderes obrieni  Morrone, 1993; Listroderes paranensis  Hustache, 1926; Listroderes punicola  Kuschel, 1949; Listroderes pusillus  Hustache, 1926; Listroderes robustior  Schenkling and Marshall, 1931; Listroderes robustus  Waterhouse, 1841; Listroderes scylla  Morrone, 1993; Listroderes trivialis  Germain, 1895; Listroderes tuberculifer  Blanchard, 1851; Listroderes uruguayensis  Kuschel, 1952; Listroderes wagneri  Hustache, 1926; Listroderes wittei  Hustache, 1926.

Host plants.

Listroderes apicalis  : Betavulgaris  L. ( Chenopodiaceae  ), Helianthus annus  L. ( Asteraceae  ) and Triticum aestivum  L. ( Poaceae  ); Listroderes bimaculatus  : Baccharis linearis  (Ruiz and Pav.) Pers. ( Asteraceae  ) and Puya chilensis  Molina  ( Bromeliaceae  ); Listroderes bruchi  : Baccharis salicifolia  (Ruiz and Pavón) Pers. and Senecio subulatus  Don Hooker et Arnott ( Asteraceae  ); Listroderes cinerarius  : Atriplex  sp. ( Chenopodiaceae  ); Listroderes costirostris  , Listroderes difficilis  and Listroderes obliquus  : Apium graveolens  L. and Daucus carota  L. ( Apiaceae  ), Brassica rapa  L., Listroderes oleracea  L. and Coronopus didymus  (L.) Smith ( Brassicaceae  ), Rumex altissimus  Wood ( Polygonaceae  ), Nicotiana tabacum  L. and Solanum tuberosum  L. ( Solanaceae  ) and Stellaria  spp. ( Caryophyllaceae  ); Listroderes robustus  : Atriplex semibaccata  R. Br. ( Chenopodiaceae  ); Listroderes uruguayensis  : Hydrocotyle bonariensis  Lam. ( Apiaceae  ) ( Morrone 1993d, 1995b; Marvaldi 1998; Lanteri et al. 2002).

Immature stages.

Listroderes bruchi  , Listroderes delaiguei  and Listroderes difficilis  ( May 1977, 1993, 1994; Marvaldi 1998).

Geographical distribution.

Andean region (Subantarctic, Central Chilean and Patagonian subregions), South American Transition Zone and Neotropical region, in Argentina  , Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay, and introduced into Australia, Easter Island, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain and USA ( Wibmer and O’Brien 1986; Kuschel 1990; Morrone 1993c -e, 1995b; Morrone 2002b; Friedman 2009; Posadas 2012).

Material examined.

Listroderes affinis  (CBPC, IPCN, IPUM, MACN, MNHN), Listroderes angusticeps  (MHNS, MNHN, MZFC), Listroderes annulipes  (CBPC, CWOB, MHNS, MNHN, MZFC), Listroderes apicalis  (AMNH, BMNH, CMNC, MACN, MHNS, MLP, MZFC), Listroderes bimaculatus  (AMNH, BMNH, CMNC, CWOB, MACN, MHNS), Listroderes brevirostris  (MHNS), Listroderes brevisetis  (CBCP, DZUP, IPCN, MACN, MLP, MNHN), Listroderes bruchi  (CMNC, DZUP, FIML, IADIZA, MACN, MLP, MZFC), Listroderes charybdis  (MACN, MLP), Listroderes cinerarius  (BMNH, CMNC, CWOB, IADIZA, MHNS, MNHN, MZFC), Listroderes confusus  (DZUP, FIML, MACN, MLP, MNHN), Listroderes costirostris  complex (AMNH, BMNH, CBPC, CMNC, CWOB, DZUP, FIML, GJWC, MACN, MHNS, MLP, MNHN, MZFC, MZSP, USNM), Listroderes curvipes  (BMNH, CWOB, MHNS), Listroderes delaiguei  (BMNH, CADIC, CWOB, IPUM, MHNS, MZFC), Listroderes desertorum  (BMNH, CMNC, CWOB, MHNS, MZFC), Listroderes elegans  (GJWC, MACN, MLP, MNHN), Listroderes erinaceus  (MHNS), Listroderes fallax  (CWOB, MHNS, MZFC), Listroderes foveatus  (BMNH, CMNC, DZUP, FIML, GJWC, MACN, MZSP), Listroderes hoffmanni  (BMNH, CWOB, MHNS, MZFC), Listroderes howdenae  (CMNC, MLP, MZFC), Listroderes leviculus  (BMNH), Listroderes montanus  (MHNS, MZFC), Listroderes nodifer  (BMNH, CWOB, MACN, MHNS), Listroderes obrieni  (MHNS, MLP, MZFC), Listroderes paranensis  (DZUP, MNHN), Listroderes punicola  (CMNC, MHNS, MZFC), Listroderes pusillus  (CBPC, MLP, MNHN, MZFC), Listroderes robustior  (BMNH, CMNC, CWOB, MHNS, MLP, MZFC), Listroderes robustus  (CMNC, CWOB, MHNS), Listroderes scylla  (FIML, MLP), Listroderes trivialis  (MHNS), Listroderes tuberculifer  (CMNC, MHNS, MZFC), Listroderes uruguayensis  (BMNH, CMNC), Listroderes wagneri  (BMNH, MNHN) and Listroderes wittei  (MACN, MNHN).