Jin, Qing, Wang, Shuxia & Li, Houhun, 2013, Review of the genus Ypsolopha Latreille, 1796 from China (Lepidoptera: Ypsolophidae), Zootaxa 3705 (1), pp. 1-91: 10

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Ypsolopha   vittella- group

Diagnosis. This species-group is characterized by the following characters: the labial palpus with the third segment longer or only sometimes slightly shorter than the second, the forewing neither produced nor falcate at apex, R 4 and R 5 separated, connate or short stalked, CuA 1 from the angle and CuA 2 from well before the angle, and the hindwing with M 2 and M 3 remote; the anellus usually developed, large and broad, densely covered with teeth or short setae, and the cornuti stout in the male genitalia; the antrum broad and cup-shaped, and the signum mostly with two ridges in the female genitalia.

This group consists of 22 species in China. Among them, 11 species are described as new and one is newly recorded for the Chinese fauna. The male genitalia of Y. japonica Moriuti   and the female genitalia of Y. hebeiensis Yang   are described for the first time.