Mallinella kunmingensis, Griswold, Charles, 2009

Griswold, Charles, 2009, Three new species of the genus Mallinela (Zodariidae: Araneae) from Yunnan Province, China, Zootaxa 2005, pp. 47-56: 51-53

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.185665

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Mallinella kunmingensis

sp. nov.

Mallinella kunmingensis  sp. nov.

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Type material: Male (holotype): China, Yunnan Province, Kunming City, Kunming Institute of Botany botanical gardens (25.13925 °N, 102.74145 °E), 21 June 2000, leg. Charles Griswold and David Kavanaugh (HNU-KB). Paratypes: 1 ♂, same date as holotype (HNU-KB); 1 ♂, same date as holotype (CaAS-KB)

Etymology: The specific name refers to the type locality, noun in apposition.

Diagnosis. The new species is very similar to M. maolanensis  Wang, Ran & Chen, 1999 ( Wang, Ran & Chen, 1999: 193, figs. 1-4) in the body shape, but differs from the latter in: 1) the outer ramus of the embolus half the length of the inner one in the new species versus almost as long as inner one in M. maolanensis  ; 2) abdominal dorsum with a long brown sclerotized plate, which is absent from that of M. maolanensis  .

Description. Male (holotype): Total length 5.10; prosoma 2.30 long; 2.00 wide; opisthosoma 2.80 long; 1.50 wide. Prosoma slightly swollen. AER and PER slightly procurved. 8 eyes almost of the same size (0.15); AME-AME = AME-ALE (0.08), PME-PME (0.13) <PME-PLE (0.20); MOA long 0.30, front width 0.38, back width 0.43; clypeus height 0.78. Carapace blackish brown, fovea black. Chilum single, trianglar and hairless. Sternum cordiform, yellow, with some hairs around, as long as wide, margin with small pointed extensions fitting in coxal concavities of legs. Chelicerae red with scopula on both margins of fang furrow, chelicerae without teeth, fang very short and thick. Gnathocoxae yellow, with some hairs in the inner surface. Labium yellowish brown, triangular, wider than long. Legs orange except femora brown, with many spines. Measurements of leg: I 8.05 (1.95, 2.45, 2.00, 1.65); II 7.75 (1.90, 2.25, 2.05, 1.55); III 8.00 (1.85, 2.40, 2.25, 1.50); IV 9.70 (1.75, 2.85, 3.25, 1.85). Leg formula: 4, 1, 3, 2. Opisthosoma dorsum dark grey, anteriorly with a brown longitudinal sclerotized plate and 4 pairs of white spots. Posteriorly with a large white spot and 3 black strips. Venter anterior yellow with 2 longitudinal paramedian black stripes.

Palp ( Figs 17 – 21View FIGURES 17 − 21): VTA blunt, RTA longer and digitiform; cymbial ridge a basal fold for about one third the length of segment; median apophysis very long, medially with 3 denticles, the apex rostrate; embolus with two rami, the inner ramus longer and thick, its distal portion with two short rami which overlap. Female unknown.

Distribution: China (Yunnan Province).