Bombus wurflenii pyrenaicus Vogt, 1909

Ornosa, Concepción, Torres, Félix & Rúa, Pilar De La, 2017, Updated list of bumblebees (Hymenoptera: Apidae) from the Spanish Pyrenees with notes on their decline and conservation status, Zootaxa 4237 (1), pp. 41-77: 45-46

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Bombus wurflenii pyrenaicus Vogt, 1909


Bombus wurflenii pyrenaicus Vogt, 1909  

The Iberian subspecies occurs in alpine pastures from the Pyrenees and Cantabrian Range between 1100 and 2000 meters high ( Ornosa & Ortiz-Sánchez 2004, Herrera et al. 2014); currently it has been collected between 1650 and 2050 meters height ( Fig. 7 View FIGURE 7 ), in temperate forest, upperforest and alpine grasslands and shrublands, open areas in coniferous forests of Pinus uncinata Ram   , with Abies alba Mill   and scattered patches of subalpine shrub of Juniperus comunis nana Willd.   , Rhododendron ferrugineum   L., and Calluna vulgaris   (L.) Hull., foraging on Aconitum vulparia Reich.   , Centaurea scabiosa   L., Echium vulgare L.   , Eryngium bourgatii Gouan.   , Lathyrus occidentalis (Fisch and C. A. Mey.)   , Lotus corniculatus   L., Onobrichis vicifolia Scop., Phlomis lychnitis   L. and Trifolium repens L.  

It is not a common species although it has been recently observed at the Cantabrian Range ( Herrera et al. 2014) and previously in some places from the foothills of the Picos de Europa (León; Pto. de la Magdalena, 16–21-June- 2008, 1 queen; Pto. de las Señales, 16–21- VI-2008, 1 queen, C. Ornosa leg., UCME) and the Pyrenees.

This bee exhibits a greater orophilous tendency ( Fig. 7 View FIGURE 7 ), it is scarce and likely threatened ( Table 2 View TABLE 2 ).

New records. Spain: Girona: Nùria, 10- VII-2015, 1 worker, C. Ornosa leg., UCME   ; Nùria , Bosc de la Verge, 24- VII-2009, 1 worker, C. Ornosa leg., UCME   ; La Molina, Roc Blanco   , 25- VII-2009, 1 worker, C. Ornosa leg., UCME. Huesca: Ordesa, Gradas de Soaso, 4   - VII-2006, 1 worker; 10- VII-2013, 1 queen; C. Ornosa leg., UCME; 8- VIII-2014, 2 queens, E. Acosta leg., UMU. Lleida: Baños de Tredós, 10- VII-2014, 1 queen; C. Ornosa leg., UCME.

*Thirteen B. mucidus mollis   individuals were sampled between 1970–1998 and 41 before 1950.

TABLE 2. Bumblebee species and subspecies collected in the Pyrenees and IUCN category ranks (from Spain: Verdú & Galante (2006), Verdú et al. (2011) and from Europe: Rasmont et al. (2015): Not Evaluated, NE; Endangered, EN; Vulnerable, VU; Data Deficient, DD; Least Concern, LC) of the extant bumblebee species and subspecies in the Pyrenees. The number of individuals sampled between 2006 and 2015 is indicated. In rare species and those with relevant records, the number of individuals known from historical literature or collections is included in brackets.

Species or subspecies N° of collected individuals in the Pyrenees (2006–2015) IUCN Category Spain Europe Conservation Measures
B. bohemicus   29 NE LC  
B. cullumanus cullumanus   1 (6) VU VU Required
B. flavidus lutescens   2 (11) EN NE Required
B. humilis paraurantiacus   5 (8) NE NE  
B. humilis quasimuscorum   107 NE LC  
B. hortorum hortorum   55 NE LC  
B. hypnorum   14 (21) NE LC Required
B. jonellus yarrowianus   7 (14) NE LC Required
B. lapidarius decipiens   57 VU (Andalusia 2008) LC  
B. lapidarius lapidarius   67 NE LC  
B. lucorum lucorum   225 NE LC  
B. mendax latofasciatus   1 (69) EN NT Required
B. mesomelas   82 NE LC  
B. mocsary   17 NE EN Required
B. monticola rondoui   67 NE NE  
B. mucidus mollis   5 (13*) NE LC Required
B. muscorum   11 (37) NE LC  
B. pascuorum freygessneri   22 NE LC  
B. pascuorum maculatus   68 NE NE  
B. pratorum santonae   27 NT (Andalusia 2008) NE Required
B. pyrenaeus   36 (20) DD LC Required
B. quadricolor   4 (28) NE LC Required
B. ruderarius montanus   108 NE NE  
B. ruderarius ruderarius   67 NE LC  
B. rupestris rupestris   4 (4) NE LC Required
B. rupestris vasco   3 (55) NE NE Required
B. sichelii flavissimus   35 LC LC Required
B. soroeensis lectitatus   34 NE NE  
B. soroeensis soroeensis   140 NE LC  
B. sylvarum   f. nigrescens 1 (3) NE    
B. sylvarum sylvarum   5 (74) NE LC Required
B. sylvestris   8 (34) NT (Andalusia 2008) LC Required
B. terrestris lusitanicus   298 NE NE  
B. terrestris terrestris   5 NE LC  
B. vestalis obenbergeri   2 (19) LC (Andalusia 2008) NE  
B. wurflenii pyrenaicus   7 (30) NE LC Required

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