Campylopus, Brid.,

J. Florschutz-de Waard, H. R. Zielman & M. A. Bruggeman- Nannenga, 2011, Flora of the Guianas, Series C, fascicle 2., Kew: Kew Publishing: 4-1

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2. CAMPYLOPUS Brid.  , Muscol. Recent. Suppl. 4: 71. 1818.

Type: C. flexuosus (Hedw.)  Brid. ( Dicranum flexuosum Hedw.  ) Description see Musci I in Fl. Suriname 6: 70. 1964. Distribution : Worldwide; in the Guianas 13 species.


1 Basal laminal cells above the auricles with strongly incrassate and pitted walls. 2

Basal laminal cells thin-walled or slightly thickened but not pitted. 7

2 Leaves with a conspicuous hyaline hairpoint. 9 C. richardii 

Leaves without hyaline hairpoint or with only a few hyaline cells at end of costa. 3

3 Costa ribbed, with conspicuous lamellae at back. 4

Costa without lamellae at back. 5

4 Stems equally foliate. Leaves to 15 mm long. 6 C. lamellinervis 

Stems often interruptedly foliate. Leaves to 7 mm long. 13 C. trachyblepharon 

5 Robust plants with leaves 8 -13 mm long, costa in cross- section with dorsal stereids only. 11. C. subcuspidatus 

Leaves not over 9 mm long, costa with dorsal and ventral stereids. 6

6 Upper laminal cells quadrate to rhomboid; costa short-excurrent. 2. C. arctocarpus 

Upper laminal cells more elongate, oval-oblong; costa long-excurrent, coarsely serrate . 4. C. cubensis 

7 Basal laminal cells quadrate to short-rectangular, along the margin smaller, subquadrate. 8

Basal laminal Cells more elongate, towards margin narrower. 9

8 Leaves 3-5 mm long, costa narrower (1/3 of leaf base), ending in or just beyond apex. 5. C. dichrostis 

Leaves 3-9 mm long, costa strong and excurrent, serrate and sometimes hyaline at apex. 10. C. savannarum 

9 Leaves to 12 mm long with a broad basal lamina, abruptly contracted to a long, narrow subula, longer than the basal lamina. 7. C. luteus 

Leaves to 7 mm long, lamina gradually narrowing to the apex. 10

10 Costa slender, ca. 1/3 of leaf width at base. 11

Costa broad, more than 1/2 of leaf width at base. 13

11 Plants usually interruptedly foliate. Costa at back with 2-3 cell high lamellae, in cross-section with stereids at ventral and dorsal side. 13. C. trachyblepharon 

Plants equally foliate or with only a comal tuft. Costa at back not lamellose, at most ridged, in cross-section with hyalocysts at ventral and stereids at dorsal side. 12

12 Plants equally foliate, leaves wide-spreading. Upper laminal cells more elongate, oblong, incrassate. 1. C. angustiretis 

Full grown plants with appressed stem leaves and a comal tuft of spreading leaves at the end. Upper laminal cells short-rectangular or rhomboidal, little incrassate. 12. C. surinamensis 

13 Costa short-excurrent, only dentate at the tip, sometimes hyaline; lamina gradually narrowed in the tubulose apex. 3. C. bryotropii 

Costa long-excurrent in a serrate, hyaline hairpoint; lamina abruptly narrowed and involute at apex. 8. C. pilifer