Phaenoglyphis villosa (Hartig, 1841), Hartig, 1841

Ward, D. F., 2014, Overview and key to the New Zealand Cynipoidea (Hymenoptera), Zootaxa 3878 (6), pp. 563-579: 570

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Phaenoglyphis villosa (Hartig, 1841)


Phaenoglyphis villosa (Hartig, 1841)  

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Phaenoglyphis villosa   is an adventive species which is cosmopolitan around the world ( Ferrer-Suay et al. 2012). Phaenoglyphis   can be easily separated from Alloxysta   by the presence of a horizontal sulcus (furrow) on the mesopleuron. It is very polyphagous, and has been reared from several aphidiines ( Braconidae   : Aphidiinae   ), including species of Diaeretiella   , Aphidius   , Ephedrus   and Trioxys   ( Valentine 1975; Carver 1992). It is widespread in New Zealand. North Island: AK, BP, ND, WI, WO. South Island: BR, MC, NN. Offshore Islands: CH.