Cicatrix neumannoides Paretas-Martinez & Restrepo-Ortiz, 2011

Paretas-Martinez, J., Restrepo-Ortiz, C., Buffington, M. & Pujade-Villar, J., 2011, Systematics of Australian Thrasorinae (Hymenoptera, Cynipoidea, Figitidae) with descriptions of Mikeiinae, new subfamily, two new genera, and three new species, ZooKeys 108, pp. 21-48 : 30

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Cicatrix neumannoides Paretas-Martinez & Restrepo-Ortiz

sp. n.

Cicatrix neumannoides Paretas-Martinez & Restrepo-Ortiz   ZBK sp. n. Fig. 2E View Figure 2


Similar to Cicatrix schauffi , comb. n., having female antenna with 10 flagellomeres and a face with horizontal strigae only on the lateral areas ( Cicatrix pilosiscutum comb. n. has female antenna with 11 flagellomeres and much stronger carinae crossing the entire face), but differs from Cicatrix schauffi comb. n. by having short median mesoscutal impression and rounded scutellar foveae ( Fig. 2E View Figure 2 ).


As in generic description (see above) with the following specific characters.

Length. Female: 2.9 to 3.0 mm. Male unknown.

Coloration. Shiny chestnut, scutum darker in center.

Head. Frons and face with piliferous punctures; face with a few carinae from internal margin of eye reaching center of face.

Antenna. Female. 10 flagellomeres, antennal formula: 6(2): 4(2.8): 6(2.5): 4.1(2.8): 4.1(2.8): 4(3): 4(3): 4(3): 4.8(3.1): 3.8(3.3): 3.5(3.3): 5.6(4). Placoid sensillae starting from F4, F4 to F6 are scarce, abundant from F7-F10.

Mesosoma. ( Fig. 2E View Figure 2 ) Median mesoscutal impression short, only indicated basally, not reaching one-fifth length of scutum. Scutellar foveae rounded.


The specific name neumannoides means "related to neumanni", referring to the fact that the specimens used to describe this species were previously included in the type series of Mikeius neumanni .

Type material.

HOLOTYPE ♀ (ANIC) with the following labels: "AUSTRALIA: NSW Peak Hill Range, Braidwood, Cooma Road, At top of pass. 30 December 1994. A. Sundholm & R de keyzer. On Acacia dealbata " (white label), "AUST. NAT. INS. COLL." (green label), " Mikeius neumanni Det. M. L. Buffington 2008 " (white label), "Holotype Cicatrix neumannoides P-M & R-O" (red label)". PARATYPE ♀ (ANIC) with the following labels: "Crowea St. For. nr Pemberton W.A. Nov.-Dec. 1978 S.J. Curry Malaise trap open forest" (white label), "AUST. NAT. INS. COLL." (green label), "Paratype Cicatrix neumannoides P-M & R-O" (red label)".


Unknown; label data suggests an association with Acacia .


New South Wales and Western Australia, Australia.

Taxonomic comments.

Although Buffington (2008) recognized two specimens of Mikeius neumanni in the collection at ANIC, he used only one specimen in his description of the taxon, designating it as the holotype. The species neumanni (based on the holotype) is transferred to Palmiriella , gen. n., below, and the second specimen, in addition to another specimen discovered in ANIC, belongs to Cicatrix .