Callientomon chinensis Yin, 1980,

Bu, Yun, Potapov, Mikhail B. & Yin, Wen Ying, 2014, Systematic and biogeographical study of Protura (Hexapoda) in Russian Far East: new data on high endemism of the group, ZooKeys 424, pp. 19-57: 37

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Callientomon chinensis Yin, 1980


Taxon classification Animalia Protura Nipponentomidae

Callientomon chinensis Yin, 1980 

Material examined.

5 females, locality 7, 22-IX-2011, coll. Y. Bu, C. W. Huang, M. Potapov & V. Alpatov.


Northeast China; Russia (Far East: Primorsky Krai, Lazovsky area). It was reported from Shkotovsky and Khasansky areas by Shrubovych (2014) and we also found it from Lazovsky area.