Hipposideros larvatus Horsfield, 1823

Thomas, Nikky M., Duckworth, J. W., Douangboubpha, Bounsavane, Williams, Meredith & Francis, Charles M., 2013, A checklist of bats (Mammalia: Chiroptera) from Lao PDR, Acta Chiropterologica 15 (1), pp. 193-260 : 214-215

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Hipposideros larvatus Horsfield, 1823


Hipposideros larvatus Horsfield, 1823 View in CoL

Intermediate roundleaf bat

Rhinolophus larvatus Horsfield, 1823: 6 ; Java.


N and E India and Bangladesh; Yunnan, Kwangsi and Hainan ( China); Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam; W Malaysia to Sumatra, Java, Borneo and adjacent small islands including Kangean Islands ( Indonesia).

Distribution in Lao PDR ( Fig. 37 View FIG ): Attapu Province: Houay Pha Camp, Xe Kaman, Dong Ampham NBCA; Xe Kaman River proposed dam site, Dong Ampham NBCA (IEX/ROM/SMF collections); Upper Xe Kaman, Dong Ampham NBCA (SMF collection); Bolikhamxai Province: Tak Leuk (Tad Leuk), Phou Khaokhoay NBCA (IEX collection); Dan Phorkeng (Dan Phokeng), Phou Khaokhoay NBCA; limestone near Lak Sao (Ban Lak-20); Mungkon Cave (Tham Moungkon) (CMF field record); Champasak Province: Camp on Houay Kaliang, Xe Pian NBCA ( Robinson 1998); Ban Nam-On (Ban Nam-Om), Dong Hua Sao NBCA (ROM collection); Nong Lom, Bolaven Plateau (SMF collection); Houaphan Province: Nam Chong, Nam Et NBCA (EBD collection); Ban Chak, Nam Et NBCA (EBD/ROM collections); Tham Nathen; Viengxai (ROM collection); Ban Buaphath, Nam Et NBCA (CMF field record); Khammouan Province: Tam Jongchott (Tham Chongchot); Tam Jungvung Cave (Tham Chungvung); Tak Kohair (Tham Kohai); Tam Pha Muang (Tham Phamuang); Tam Thea (Tham Tem) ( Robinson and Webber, 2000); Ban Khankeo, Khammouan Limestone NBCA; Nakai Plateau; Pha Deng (ROM/SMF collection); Nam Pakkatan, Nakai Plateau (SMF collection); Louangnamtha Province: Tham Nampob (HI collection); Ban Eng (ROM collection); Ban Phoulan (CMF field record); Louangphabang Province: Ban Sakok, Nam En NBCA; Nam Khan (CMF field record); Vientiane Province: Chung Cave (Tham Chung), Muangsong Village (Ban Muangsong) (FES collection); Danyai (Dan Gnai), Phou Khaokhoay NBCA (IEX collection); Ban Nathao (ROM collection); No locality (BPBM collection); Ban Nampe; Danpapor (Dan Papo), Phou Khaokhoay NBCA (CMF field record).

Taxonomic note

Bats morphologically resembling H. larvatus from Lao PDR include at least three distinct species differing in genetics, morphology and echolocation calls. Thabah et al. (2006) also noted that multiple species occur in the region, but further study is needed to determine which, if any of the populations they distinguished match those found in Lao PDR. Some authors (e.g., Simmons, 2006) have used the name H. grandis for some mainland populations, but the type specimen has not been examined to confirm if that is an appropriate name for any of the Lao forms.














Hipposideros larvatus Horsfield, 1823

Thomas, Nikky M., Duckworth, J. W., Douangboubpha, Bounsavane, Williams, Meredith & Francis, Charles M. 2013

Rhinolophus larvatus

Rhinolophus larvatus Horsfield, 1823: 6
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