Uroleucon (Uromelan) adenophoricola Holman 1975,

Victor, Eastop, F. & Blackman, Roger L., 2005, Some new synonyms in Aphididae (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha), Zootaxa 1089, pp. 1-36: 24

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.273344

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Uroleucon (Uromelan) adenophoricola Holman 1975


Uroleucon (Uromelan) adenophoricola Holman 1975  = Uroleucon (Uromelan) adenophorae (Matsumura 1918)  , but Uroleucon (Uromelan) triphyllae  Miyazaki 1966 is a valid species

Miyazaki described Uroleucon triphyllae  from A. triphylla japonica  in Japan, but subsequently synonymised his species with adenophorae Matsumura  , although pointing out differences from Matsumura’s description. Holman, in describing U. adenophoricola  as a new species, accepted this synonymy. From examination of paratypes and other material from Holman and Miyazaki in the BMNH collection it is clear that adenophoricola  is the Matsumura species, and that U. triphyllae  Miyazaki should be reinstated as a valid species.