Uroleucon acutirostre Banziger 1980,

Victor, Eastop, F. & Blackman, Roger L., 2005, Some new synonyms in Aphididae (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha), Zootaxa 1089, pp. 1-36: 24

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.273344

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Uroleucon acutirostre Banziger 1980


Uroleucon acutirostre Banziger 1980  = Uroleucon budhium (Banerjee, Ghosh and Raychaudhuri 1969) 

Paratypes of U. acutirostre  , described from N Thailand, could not be distinguished from paratypes and other Indian specimens (leg. N.D. Rishi) of U. tenuirostre  (= budhium  ?) in the BMNH collection, so if the synonymy of tenuirostre  with budhium  is correct, acutirostre  should also be regarded as a synonym. However, the colour in life of acutirostre  is recorded as dark blackish red, whereas budhium  is described as pale brown with a dark brown head, raising some doubt about the original synonymy. The original description of tenuirostre  did not record the colour in life.