Macrosiphoniella (Sinosiphoniella) buryatica Pashtshenko 1999, Pashtshenko, 1999

Victor, Eastop, F. & Blackman, Roger L., 2005, Some new synonyms in Aphididae (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha), Zootaxa 1089, pp. 1-36: 28

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.273344

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Macrosiphoniella (Sinosiphoniella) buryatica Pashtshenko 1999


Macrosiphoniella (Sinosiphoniella) buryatica Pashtshenko 1999   to Metopeurum  

This species was described from the eastern shore of Lake Baikal, colonising flower stems of Tanacetum vulgare   , and attended by ants. Except for the long dorsal body hairs the description and biology closely match that of Metopeurum fuscoviride Stroyan   , but this species has not yet been found so far east..