Ceratrichomyia bullabucca Reemer, 1951

Reemer, Menno & Stahls, Gunilla, 2013, Generic revision and species classification of the Microdontinae (Diptera, Syrphidae), ZooKeys 288, pp. 1-213: 93

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Ceratrichomyia bullabucca Reemer

sp. n.

Ceratrichomyia bullabucca Reemer   ZBK   sp. n. Figs 48-50, 58

Type specimens.

HOLOTYPE [this specimen is one of the paratypes of Ceratrichomyia behara   Séguy]. Male. Label 1: "Madagascar, Bekily, Rég. sud de l’ile”; label 2 (blue): "Museum Paris, X.36, A. Seyrig"; label 3: " Ceratrichomyia behara   cotype, male, Séguy 1950". Coll. MNHN.


This species differs from Ceratrichomyia angolensis   sp. n. by the pilose postpronotum and katepimeron. From Ceratrichomyia behara   Séguy, 1951 it differs by the convex face profile and the anteriorly widened tergite 2.


Adult male. Body size: 8.5 mm. As Ceratrichomyia behara   , except for differences listed below.

Head. Face occupying almost 3/5 of head width in frontal view. Face profile clearly convex.

Thorax. Katepisternum bare ventrally. Calypter yellow.

Wing: cell r1 entirely microtrichose, cell br bare on posterobasal 3/5. Vein bm-cu longer than basal section of CuA1. Abdomen. Tergite 2 not parallel-sided: narrowest point at about half its length; lateral yellow macula, not connected posteriorly. Genitalia as in Fig. 58.

Female. Unknown.


The specific epithet (noun in apposition) contains the Latin words bulla (bubble, knob) and bucca (cheek) and refers to the swollen face, a character to distinguish the species from Ceratrichomyia behara   .