Geostiba (Sipalotricha) euboica PACE

Homson, 1974, Lichenology in North America, 1947 - 1972., Linzer biologische Beiträge 61, pp. 45-55: 45-55

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Geostiba (Sipalotricha) euboica PACE


Geostiba (Sipalotricha) euboica PACE   ( Map 7 View Map 7 )

A d d i t i o n a l m a t e r i a l e x a m i n e d: Turkey: Izmir: 1 ex., 20 km E Izmir, Nif Da ÷ı, 38°24N, 27°24E, 920 m, plateau, sifted grass roots between stones under shrubs, 26.XII.2005, leg. Assing (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 7 exs., ca. 60 km WNW Izmir, SW Karaburun , 38°38N, 26°29E, 420 m, N-slope, meadow, under stones, sifted, 27.XII.2005, leg. Assing (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 1 ex., N Izmir, Yamanlar Da ÷ı, 38°33N, 27°10E, 680 m, road margin, under stones and sifted Messor nest GoogleMaps   ; 28.XII.2005, leg. Assing (cAss). Aydın: 5 exs., ca. 110 km S Izmir, WSW Söke, Dilek Da ÷ı, 37°42N, 27°10E, 50 m, grassy patch in forest, under stones and sifted roots, 25.XII.2005, leg. Assing (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 2 exs., ca. 15 km NE Aydın, Imambaba Tepesi , 37°56N, 27°54E, 1115 m, 20.IV.2006, leg. Brachat & Meybohm (cAss) GoogleMaps   ; 2 exs., Imambaba Tepesi, 37°53N, 27°54E, 250 m, 20.IV.2006, leg. Brachat & Meybohm (cAss). Mu ÷la: 4 exs., Bafa lake, Kapikiri , 37°30N, 27°32E, 120 m, 20.III.2006, leg. Meybohm (cAss) GoogleMaps   .

C o m m e n t s: Geostiba euboica   is here recorded from Turkey for the first time. The previously known distribution of this widespread species comprised the southern Balkans, including various Greek islands. Since it was recently recorded also from Lesbos ( ASSING 2005b), an occurrence in western Anatolia was likely. Apparently, its distribution does not overlap with that of the G. rhodiensis PACE   , another widespread species of the subgenus Sipalotricha SCHEERPELTZ   , which is common in southern Anatolia ( Map 7 View Map 7 ).