Euphthiracarus meghalayensis Sanyal, 1988

Niedbała, Wojciech & Ermilov, Sergey G., 2013, New and little known ptyctimous mites (Acari, Oribatida) from India, Zootaxa 3731 (4), pp. 577-588: 584-585

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Euphthiracarus meghalayensis Sanyal, 1988


Euphthiracarus meghalayensis Sanyal, 1988  

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Measurements of specimen from India (Locality: In-1). Prodorsum: length 308, height 121, width 212. Prodorsal setae: sensillum 101, interlamellar 164, lamellar 109, rostral 131, exobothridial 35. Notogaster   : length 606, height 404, width 394. Notogastral setae: c 1 104, c 1 / c 1 – d 1 =0.6, h 1 114, p 1 96. Genitoaggenital plate 252 × 101; anoadanal plate 252 × 76.

Diagnosis. Colour yellow, surface of body foveolate. Prodorsum with two pairs of distinct long lateral carinae, upper shorter and weaker than lower. Sensilla without head, covered with small cilia at tip. Interlamellar and lamellar setae erect, covered with weak small spines, rostral setae rough, attenuate. Distance between lamellar setae slightly smaller than than between rostral setae. Notogastral setae rather short, c 1 <c 1 – d 1, with weak small spines in distal half. Setae of row c remote from anterior margin, setae c 1 a little more than setae c 2 and c 3. Seta h of infracapitular mentum very long, considerably longer than distance between them. Nine pairs of genital setae, g 1–3 minute, g 4, 5 of medium size, g 6–9 the strongest, similar in size to ag 2 setae, aggenital setae ag 2 three times as long as setae ag 1. Three pairs of anal and three pairs of adanal setae present, erect and rough, with exception of anal setae an 1 and an 2 longer, attenuate and smooth, lyrifissures iad located between an 3 and ad 3 setae. Tarsi heterotridactylous.

Comparison. Euphthiracarus meghalayensis   is distinguishable from congeners by foveolate surface of body, presence of two pairs of lateral setae, long, rough and attenuate rostral setae, sensilla without head, heterotrichy of genital and aggenital setae, anal setae an 1 and an 2 long, attenuate and smooth and tarsi heterotridactylous.