Xylosma tessmannii Sleumer

Molino, Jean-François, Sabatier, Daniel, Grenand, Pierre, Engel, Julien, Frame, Dawn, Delprete, Piero G., Fleury, Marie, Odonne, Guillaume, Davy, Damien, Lucas, Eve J. & Martin, Claire A., 2022, An annotated checklist of the tree species of French Guiana, including vernacular nomenclature, Adansonia (3) 44 (26), pp. 345-903 : 679

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https://doi.org/ 10.5252/adansonia2022v44a26



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Xylosma tessmannii Sleumer


[1557] Xylosma tessmannii Sleumer View in CoL

Notizbl. Bot. Gart. Berlin-Dahlem 12: 477 [30 June 1935] (Sleumer 1935).

NOTE. — According to Sleumer (1980), this species is close to X. benthamii , perhaps only a luxuriant form of it.

HERBARIUM DATA (FG). — 2 collections at CAY. Sel. exs.: M.-F. Prévost 3302.

SIZE. — Up to 40 cm dbh ( Sleumer 1980).

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