Crematogaster cubaensis Mann

Longino, J. T., 2003, The Crematogaster (Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Myrmicinae) of Costa Rica., Zootaxa 151, pp. 1-150: 132

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Crematogaster cubaensis Mann


Crematogaster cubaensis Mann   HNS   1920 REVISED STATUS

Crematogaster victima subsp. cubaensis Mann   HNS   1920:425. Syntype workers, queen: Cuba, Guantanamo, beneath a stone in the woods (Mann) [ USNM]   (examined). Menozzi, 1929:2: subspecies of steinheili   HNS   . Enzmann, J. 1946:93: subspecies of laeviuscula   HNS   . Kempf, 1972:90: subspecies of victima   HNS   .

Crematogaster barbouri Weber   HNS   1934:24, fig. 1. Syntype workers, queens, male: Cuba, Limones Seboruco, Soledad , Cienfuegos, 22 Aug 1933, under rich humus in a depression on a limestone ledge in dense shade of forest; male from sweeping in nearby forest, 30 Aug (Weber) [ USNM, LACM]   (examined). Kempf, 1972: 84: combination in C. (Orthocrema)   HNS   . NEW SYNONYMY

The small yellow Crematogaster   HNS   on Cuba share the general habitus of minutissima   HNS   from Florida. They differ in that the dorsal pilosity is more like C. flavomicrops   HNS   , relatively short, scruffy-looking, and not in three differentiable rows (although humeral setae are longer than the rest). The pronotum is completely smooth and shining.


USA, Washington D.C., National Museum of Natural History, [formerly, United States National Museum]


USA, California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History