Chamaeleucopis, Gaimari, Stephen D., 2012

Gaimari, Stephen D., 2012, A new genus and species of Chamaemyiidae (Diptera: Lauxanioidea) from South America feeding on Ceroplastes wax scales (Hemiptera: Coccidae), and status of the genus Ortalidina as a chamaemyiid, Zootaxa 3342, pp. 39-50: 40

publication ID 10.5281/zenodo.211348

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gen. nov.

Chamaeleucopis  , gen. nov.

“Undescribed genus A.” Gaimari, 2010: 1004.

Type species. Chamaeleucopis trevas  , sp. nov., by present designation.

Etymology. The feminine genus name is a combination of the genus names Chamaemyia  and Leucopis  , to indicate the unexpected presence of 2 pairs of strong fronto-orbital setae, a character present in Chamaemyia  and other chamaemyiines, but only rarely in leucopines.

Diagnosis. As a monotypic genus, the diagnosis for the genus is identical to that of the single species. The key in Gaimari (2010) aids the separation of this genus from all other New World genera.