Microplitis brevispina Song & Chen

Ranjith, A. P., Rajesh, K. M. & Nasser, M., 2015, Taxonomic studies on Oriental Microplitis Foerster (Hymenoptera: Braconidae, Microgastrinae) with description of two new species from South India, Zootaxa 3963 (3), pp. 369-415: 387

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Microplitis brevispina Song & Chen


Microplitis brevispina Song & Chen  

Microplitis brevispina Song & Chen 2008   ; 283–293. Holotype HAU.

Female. Body length 3.1 mm.

Head: Head 1.9 × as wide as long in dorsal view; vertex and upper temple sparsely and weakly punctate; head more or less circular in anterior view; face densely setose; antennae longer than body; F 12 –F 15 approximately 1.8– 1.9 × as long as wide.

Mesosoma: Pronotum flat, weakly rugose-punctate with upper pronotal groove absent; mesoscutum densely punctate; notauli wide and distinct, meeting posteriorly to form a sunken area; scutellar lunules wide, deeply divided by five carinae; scutellum weakly punctate with dense hairs; propodeum coarsely reticulate-rugose with percurrent medial longitudinal carina; hind coxae 2.8 × as long as wide, small and as long as T 1; hind tibial spurs 0.2 × as long as basitarsus.

Wings: Areolet large, nearly quadrangular; 1 -R 1 1.5 × and 0.8 × as long as the distance from itself to apex of marginal cell and length of pterostigma, respectively; margin of vannal lobe convex and hairy.

Metasoma: T 1 parallel sided, weakly rugose except for slightly depressed base and apical swelling smooth; median area of T 2 slightly swollen, smooth; ovipositor sheath approximately as long as third hind tarsomere.

Colour: Black to dark reddish black, antennae brown except for most of scape yellowish, maxillary palp, labial palp and tibial spurs pale yellow; tegula reddish brown, pterostigma and veins yellowish brown, semihyaline, wings brown over first discal cell and above areolet, legs generally yellow, coxae yellowish to reddish brown, hind femur reddish brown, basal 1 / 6 and apical 2 / 5 of tibia and tarsus grey brown, metasoma mostly yellowish brown except for T 1 dark yellowish brown, basal and lateral membrane pale yellowish brown.

Male: Body length 2.9–3.1 mm, vertex with dense punctation; antennae longer than female.

Distribution. China (Fujian).

Host. Unknown.

Discussion. This species is closely related to M. longwangshana   in having the propodeum coarsely reticulaterugose, T 1 sub parallel sided, number of carinae dividing the scutellar lunules and T 2 with a median field. However, it differs in the following characters: mesoscutum rugose-punctate (in M. longwangshana   mesoscutum smooth), medial length of T 3 longer than T 2 (in M. longwangshana   medial length of T 3 as long as T 2) and pterostigma less than 3.1 × as long as wide (in M. longwangshana   pterostigma 3.1 × as long as wide).

Comments. We could not examine type material of this species.














Microplitis brevispina Song & Chen

Ranjith, A. P., Rajesh, K. M. & Nasser, M. 2015

Microplitis brevispina

Song & Chen 2008