Conwentzia Enderlein, 1905,

Zhao, Yaru, Li, Ying & Liu, Zhiqi, 2021, Revision of the Conwentzia Enderlein, 1905 (Neuroptera, Coniopterygidae) of China, combining morphological and molecular characters, ZooKeys 1026, pp. 1-15: 1

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Conwentzia Enderlein, 1905


Genus Conwentzia Enderlein, 1905 

Type species.

Conwentzia pineticola  Enderlein, 1905


Fore wing with RP vein forked. Hind wing reduced except in C. barretti  . Male genitalia with gonocoxites 9 absent, gonapophyses 9 (when present) originating from sclerotized ring of segment 9.


There are fourteen species in the genus Conwentzia  . The species described before 1972 are well known thanks to Meinander’s (1972) comprehensive revision. However, Conwentzia inverta  Withycombe, 1925 was not redescribed by Meinander (1972) because the type material in the Natural History Museum, London is in rather bad condition ( Meinander 1972). However, Monserrat found that Barnard had a specimen collected from the type locality, Pusa, in India, by Withycombe in 1925, which he examined and used for his redescription of C. inverta  ( Monserrat 1982). Species described after 1972 are well known thanks to Sziráki’s (2011) comprehensive revision. Thus, all species in the genus Conwentzia  are relatively well known.