Kinabalumyia pinax Cerretti & Pape

Cerretti, Pierfilippo, Badano, Davide, Gisondi, Silvia, Giudice, Giuseppe Lo & Pape, Thomas, 2020, The world woodlouse flies (Diptera, Rhinophoridae), ZooKeys 903, pp. 1-130: 1

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Kinabalumyia pinax Cerretti & Pape

sp. nov.

Kinabalumyia pinax Cerretti & Pape   sp. nov. Fig. 18A-C, F-I View Figure 18

Type material.

Holotype ♂: At light //SABAH: Mt Kinabalu /Mesilau 14.II.1964. J. Smart. /Royal Soc. Exped. /B.M. 1964-250 ( NHMUK). Paratype ♂: same data and repository as holotype.


Male. Body length: 3.5-3.7 mm. Colouration: fronto-orbital plate and upper occiput blackish-brown, frontal vitta black, remainder of head yellow; head covered with silver reflecting microtomentum. Scape and pedicel brown, postpedicel blackish-brown, palpus brown; postpronotum, proepisternum, proepimeron, and prosternum pale yellow, scutum, notopleuron, scutellum and subscutellum brown; anepisternum and upper anterior part of katepisternum brown, remaining sclerites pale brown except anatergite which is dark brown; tegula brown, basicosta and wing veins yellow; coxae and trochanters pale yellow, femora, tibiae and tarsi blackish-brown; abdomen can vary from entirely black to mostly black except yellow along posterior margin, on sides of syntergite 1+2 and along anterior margin of tergite 3; microtomentum virtually absent. Wing membrane hyaline. Head: frontal vitta well developed and slightly wider than fronto-orbital plate (both measured at midlength). Parafacial entirely bare below lower frontal seta. Lateral vertical seta not differentiated from strongest uppermost postocular setae. Prementum stout, not longer than wide; labella broad. Thorax: one posthumeral seta (medial); 1 + 1 supra-alar setae; 0 + 1-2 intra-alar setae; 2(3) + 3 dorsocentral setae; acrostichal setae not differentiated. One or two katepisternal setae. Legs: fore tibia without posterior seta. Abdomen: mid-dorsal depression on syntergite 1+2 confined to anterior half.


Oriental - Malaysia (Sabah).


The species epithet, which should be treated as a noun in apposition, is derived from the Greek noun pinax   , meaning painting, in reference to the remarkable colour pattern of the thorax and abdomen.