Ecpyrrhorrhoe fimbriata (Moore, 1886) Xiang & Chen & Chen & Duan & Zhang, 2022

Xiang, Lanbin, Chen, Kai, Chen, Xiaohua, Duan, Yongjiang & Zhang, Dandan, 2022, A revision of the genus Ecpyrrhorrhoe Huebner, 1825 from China based on morphology and molecular data, with descriptions of five new species (Lepidoptera, Crambidae, Pyraustinae), ZooKeys 1090, pp. 1-44 : 1

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Ecpyrrhorrhoe fimbriata (Moore, 1886)

comb. nov.

Ecpyrrhorrhoe fimbriata (Moore, 1886) comb. nov.

Figs 10 View Figures 3–12 , 27 View Figures 22–27

Ebulea fimbriata Moore, 1886: 346.

Ecpyrrhorrhoe angustivalvaris Gao, Zhang & Wang, 2013: 314. Syn. nov.


Forewing length: 9.0-11.0 mm. Ecpyrrhorrhoe fimbriata is similar to E. rubiginalis both in appearance and in the male genitalia, but it can be differentiated from it by the relatively smooth and slender postmedial line on both wings (Fig. 10 View Figures 3–12 ), in the male genitalia (Fig. 27 View Figures 22–27 ), by the even width of the valva, dorsal projection of sella absent and the setose, thumb-shaped sella, the weakly sclerotized arms of the juxta with several short spines at apex, and the cluster of spines on the anellus (attached to distal end of phallus in Fig. 27 View Figures 22–27 ).

Material examined.

Type material. Ebulea fimbriata : Holotype ♂, Ceylon, Pyralidae Brit. Mus. Slide No. 8684 (NHMUK); Paratype: 1♀, same data as holotype (NHMUK). Ecpyrrhorrhoe angustivalvaris : Holotype ♂, China: Guizhou: Dahe Dam , 28.33° N, 108.29°E, alt. 430 m, 6.VI.2007, Du Xicui leg., genitalia slide No. GQ 11081 (NKU) GoogleMaps .

Other material examined.

China: Guangxi: 1♂, Nonggang, Longzhou , 22.47°N, 106.96°E, alt. 271 m, 19.VI.2012, Li Jinwei leg., genitalia slide No. LJW12065 View Materials , molecular voucher No. LEP0039 GoogleMaps ; 1♂, Shaoping Forestry Station, Pingxiang , alt. 280 m, 31.III.2012, Yang Xiaofei leg., genitalia slide No. CXH12139 View Materials , molecular voucher No. LEP0099 ; 1♂, Huaping National Natural Reserve, Guilin , 25.63°N, 109.91°E, alt. 520 m, 11-12.IX.2020, Jin Mengjie, Xiang Lanbin leg., genitalia slide No. SYSU1507 GoogleMaps ; Guizhou: 1♂, Fade Bridge, Shunchang, Shuicheng , 26.24°N, 104.85°E, alt. 857 m, 29.IV-3.V.2019, Liu Qingming leg., genitalia slide No. SYSU1506 GoogleMaps ; Yunnan: 5♂, Baihualing, Baoshan , 11-13.VIII.2007, Zhang Dandan leg., genitalia slide No. CXH112169 (molecular voucher No. LEP0098), SYSU0115, SYSU0281 (molecular voucher No. LEP0111) .


China (Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan), Sri Lanka.


After examination of the male genitalia of the holotypes of Ebulea fimbriata Moore, 1886 and Ecpyrrhorrhoe angustivalvaris Gao, Zhang & Wang, 2013, we conclude that they are the same species, sharing the same sella, juxta and phallus, even though the valva of the holotype of E. angustivalvaris is slightly narrower.














Ecpyrrhorrhoe fimbriata (Moore, 1886)

Xiang, Lanbin, Chen, Kai, Chen, Xiaohua, Duan, Yongjiang & Zhang, Dandan 2022

Ebulea fimbriata

Xiang & Chen & Chen & Duan & Zhang 2022

Ecpyrrhorrhoe angustivalvaris

Xiang & Chen & Chen & Duan & Zhang 2022