Zelotes zekharya Levy, 2009

Russell-Smith, Anthony, 2017, New species and new records of ground spiders (Araneae: Gnaphosidae) from Cyprus, Zootaxa 4329 (3), pp. 237-255: 251-253

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Zelotes zekharya Levy, 2009


Zelotes zekharya Levy, 2009  

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Z. zekharia Levy 2009: 49   , Figs 63, 64. Male holotype from ISRAEL, Zekharya, leg. Y. Mandelik (13.VIII.2001), deposited at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem ( HUJ 15504 View Materials ).  

Diagnosis. The female of Z. zekharya   described here is characterized by an epigynal plate wider than long, its anterior margin of equal width and its lateral margins being curved, as well as by long and curved median copulatory ducts. From its closest morphological relative, Z. tenuis (L. Koch, 1866)   , it differs by the continuous anterior margin, in Z. tenuis   being divided (see Senglet, 2011, p. 523, Figs 45̄49).

Material examined. 1 ♀, Cyprus, Agridi , near Dali, in building, VII.2011, leg. D. McCowan.  

Description. Female. Medium sized spiders of orange colouration, abdomen grey. Measurements: TL 5.527; CL 2.289; CW 1.621; AL 3.096. Eye sizes and interdistances: AME 0.098, PME 0.079x0.130, PLE 0.103, ALE 0.123 AME-AME 0.057 (ca 1/2 of AME diameter), AME-ALE almost touching, PME-PME (min/max) 0.044/ 0.166, PME-PLE 0.055. All eyes pearly white with black surrounding except for AME which are black. PER slightly procurved to straight, AER slightly recurved to straight. Cephalothorax with widening thoracic region and fovea at posterior third of its length. Chelicera armed with 5 teeth at promargin and 3 denticles at retromargin. Labium 0.412 long, 0.326 wide at its base. Sternum 1.43 long, 1.084 wide. Legs size are IV>I>II>III. Leg spination: Leg I: Fe 2d/1pl; Leg II: Fe 2-3d/1pl Mt 3v; Leg III: Fe 6d Pa 1rl Ti/Mt spinose; Leg IV: Fe 4d Ti/Mt spinose. Epigyne ( Fig. 41 View FIGURES 41 – 42 ). Epigynal plate wider than long, formed by continuous anterior margin and curved latero-posterior margins, which divide the plate into two parts. Anterior margin width almost equal to epigynal width. Vulva ( Fig. 42 View FIGURES 41 – 42 ). Median ducts long and curved. Spermathecae rounded, almost touching.

Comments. The female described here belongs to the tenuis   group as defined by Senglet (2011). Following the key proposed by the same author, it closely resembles Z. tenuis (L. Koch, 1866)   but it is different from it (see diagnosis). On the other hand, Z. zekharya   was described by Levy (2009) on the basis of male specimens only. The shape of the palpal embolar base and the embolus ( Levy, 2009, p. 30, Fig. 63) indicate this species clearly belongs to the tenuis   -group as well. Because both Z. zekharya   and the female here examined belong to the same species group and also due to the biogeographical affinity between Cyprus and Israel, the region from which Z. zekharya   was described, we believe that this female is the matching sex of Z. zekharya   .

Distribution. Israel, Cyprus.


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Zelotes zekharya Levy, 2009

Russell-Smith, Anthony 2017

Z. zekharia

Levy 2009: 49