Zodarion Thorell, 1887

Zhang, Bao-Shi & Zhang, Feng, 2019, Three new species of the genus Zodarion (Araneae, Zodariidae) from China, ZooKeys 813, pp. 67-87: 68

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Zodarion Thorell, 1887


Genus Zodarion Thorell, 1887  

Type species.

Enyo nitida   Audouin, 1826.

Most Zodarion   species are active at night and hide during the day in self-made retreats. Jocqu√© (1991) provided a generic diagnosis: the number of spinnerets reduced to two in males and six in females, the dense cover of flattened incised hairs on the tegument, and no more than one dorsal femoral spine. Bosmans (1994, 1997, 2009) revised the European Zodarion   and classified them into 12 groups. Large AME are widely distributed among the taxa in the femoral organ clade, though species of the Z. thoni   -group have small AME, which is one of the diagnostic characters of Zodariellum   . Z. apertum   and Z. planum   are close to Central Asian spiders considered by Marusik and Koponen (2001) in Zodariellum   , all these species have similar RTA and bulb. Therefore, the genus Zodarion   needs to be carefully examined and revised in the future.