Liquidambar cambodiana (Lecomte) Ickert-Bond & J. Wen

Ickert-Bond, Stefanie M. & Wen, Jun, 2013, A taxonomic synopsis of Altingiaceae with nine new combinations, PhytoKeys 31, pp. 21-61: 29

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Liquidambar cambodiana (Lecomte) Ickert-Bond & J. Wen

comb. nov.

2. Liquidambar cambodiana (Lecomte) Ickert-Bond & J. Wen   comb. nov. Basionym: Altingia cambodiana   Lecomte, Bull. Mus. Hist. Nat. Paris 30: 391 (1924). TYPE. CAMBODIA: Mont d’Éléphant, Se mean phnom, Poilane 263 (holotype: P [P00749065!]; isotype: P [P003173561!]).


A unique species with only three specimens from one locality in Cambodia known. The protologue does not include reference to where Poilane 263 is deposited. Furthermore, the two specimens at P are the only ones that include both " Poilane 263 " and the locality information on the sheet (agreeing with the type description). The other two sheets, one at the Smithsonian (US 150518!) and one at the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens Herbarium (E 00181744!) include only labels that state Herb. Mus. Paris, Altingia cambodiana H. Lec. Institute Scientifique de Saigon - M. Poilane Reçu le 20 May 1921. These two later sheets (US 150518! And E 00181744!) most likely were part of the original material that Lecomte saw when he described Altingia cambodiana   .


SW Cambodia. Representative specimens examined. CAMBODIA. M. Poilane s.n. (US 150518!), (E 00181744!).