Parthenothrips dracenae (Heeger)

Lima, Élison Fabrício B., O’Donnell, Cheryle A., Sousa, Yago Lucas C. & Zamar, María Inés, 2021, Identification of second instar larvae of Panchaetothripinae (Thysanoptera Thripidae) in Brazil and Argentina, Zootaxa 5047 (4), pp. 453-464 : 459

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Parthenothrips dracenae (Heeger)


Parthenothrips dracenae (Heeger)

( Fig. 20 View FIGURES 16–21 )

Body color yellow. Antennal segment III with setae shorter than the length of the segment. Dorsal setae long with strongly expanded apex ( Fig. 20 View FIGURES 16–21 ). Head setae D3 with expanded apex. Pronotum with no sclerotized blotch. Abdominal tergite II with a pair of spiracles; segments IX–X weakly sclerotized but clear after NaOH washing; segment X with six anal setae short, about 1/8 the length of the segment. Spiracles with pores within facets. Specimens from Brazil have been collected in Paraná state from Chamaedorea sp.