Zolotarevskyella rhytidera (Chaudoir, 1876)

Rasool, Iftekhar, Abdel-Dayem, Mahmoud S., Felix, Ron F. F. L. & Aldhafer, Hathal M., 2018, The Dromiusina Bonelli, 1810 of southwestern Saudi Arabia with description of a new species (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Lebiini), ZooKeys 771, pp. 73-103: 73

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Zolotarevskyella rhytidera (Chaudoir, 1876)


Zolotarevskyella rhytidera (Chaudoir, 1876)   Figures 2, 21, 36, 47, 54

Blechrus rhytidera   Chaudoir, 1876: 374.

Type locality.

Egypt, Upper Egypt.Type depository. Holotype in MNHN.

Material examined.

Total 32 specimens: Al Baha: 1♀, "KSA, Al Makhwa, Wadi Aleep, 20°10.695'N 40°68.556'E Alt. 455 m, 16.X.2014, (HP), I. Rasool". 1♀, "Shada Al Aala, 19°50.710'N 41°18.267'E Alt. 1474 m, 18.X.2014, (PT), H. Al Dhafer, M.S. Abdel-Dayem, H. H. Fadl & I. Rasool". 1♀, "19°50.391'N 41°18.634'E Alt. 1562 m, 3.XI.2013, (HP), I. Rasool". Asir: 1♂, 1♀, "Saloos Al Manzar, Wadi Baqrah, 18°47.977'N 42°01.375'E Alt. 425 m, (HP), Al Dhafer H". 1♂, "Al Magardah, Wadi Wabah, 19°14.911'N 41°47.255'E Alt. 402 m, 11.X.2013, (LT), I. Rasool, M. Al Harbi, S. Soonbati & S. Khan". 1♀, "Al Hubail, Wadi Reem, 17°52.475'N 42°16.533'E Alt. 156 m, 20.X.2014, (HP)., 3♂, 4♀, "18°03.284'N 42°13.407'E Alt. 354 m, (HP)., 2♂, 1♀, "18°06.981'N 42°13.939'E Alt. 451 m, (HP), I. Rasool". 1♂, 1♀ "18°06.981'N 42°13.939'E Alt. 451 m (LT), I. Rasool & M. Al Harbi". Jazan: 1♂, "Adarab, Wadi Samar, 17°34.103'N 42°24.593'E Alt. 64 m, 24.II.2015, (HP)., 1♀ "Saybia, Saybia-Abu Areessh Road, 17°04.252'N 42°47.052'E Alt. -5 m, 24.II.2015, (HP), I. Rasool". 1♀, "KSA, Fayfa, Al Abasia, 17°15.831'N 43°60.498'E Alt. 1770 m, 20.III.2014, (LT), S. A. El Sonbati". 1♂, "Agricultural Research Station, 17°28.671'N 43°14.39'E Alt. 879 m, 6.IV.2013, (HP)., 1♀, "Wadi Jora, 17°22.856'N 43°06.169'E Alt. 419 m, (HP), M.R. Sharaf" [KSMA]. 1♀, "19°50.391'N 41°18.634'E Alt. 1562 m, 3.XI.2013, (HP), I. Rasool". 1♀, "18°03.284'N 42°13.407'E Alt. 354 m, (HP)" [RMNH].


Small parallel sized beetle, whole the body glossy (Fig. 36), TBL 2.38-2.90 mm. Color: Head and pronotum black; mouthparts, antennae, femora, anterior, lateral, apical margins of elytra and whole the ventrum of the bodydark brown; rest of elytra ferruginous; tibiae and tarsomeres pale testaceous. Microsculpture: Labrum, with irregular micro cells, clypeus and elytra with isodiametric mesh pattern, pronotum with isodiametric mesh pattern laterally; whole the ventrum of body with transverse microlines. Head: Almost as long as wide, HL 0.58-0.66 mm, HW 0.56-0.61 mm; dorsum of vertex and frons with longitudinal irregular longitudinal ridges; eyes moderate with short temples (Fig. 21). Pronotum: Slightly transverse, as wide as head, PW 0.57-0.62 mm, PL 0.46-0.50 mm, pronotum narrowed posteriorly; base of pronotum almost rounded with small basal angles; dorsum with longitudinal furrows at the middle (Fig. 21). Elytra: Parallel sized, EL 1.28-1.35 mm, EW 0.75-0.81 mm; apex transversally truncate, claws smooth. Abdomen: apical margin of last sternum bi–setose in both males and females, rounded in females slightly incised in males. Aedeagus: small, (Fig. 47) AL 0.72 mm; in lateral view it is curved dorsally and ventrally; narrowed at both ends, broad in the middle; ventral margin wavy; apical lamina in the middle, elongate apically; endophallus armature with a large hook.

Ecological notes.

It was recorded from various range elevation from 156-1770 m (Fig. 54). It is found among small vegetation and weeds and under the gravels near water streams associated with collembolans, spiders, Hemipteran, Microlestes   , Eremolestes   , Tilius   , and Apristus   species.

Geographical distribution.

This species was described from Egypt ( Chaudoir 1876) and also known from Saudi Arabia, Senegal and Yemen ( Mateu 1986, Kabak 2003, 2017). This range exemplifies Saharo - Sahelo - Arabian chorotype.